2015 Fantasy Football Funeral: Tre Mason

This one hurts. I was as high as anyone was on Tre Mason, he was ranked in our top 15 running backs for 2015, then Jeff Fisher and Les Snead drove a stake through our hearts and drafted Todd Gurley. I’ve been burning a candle in honour, note the British spelling, of Mason’s lost fantasy value for the past 80 days.

Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe it’s that time of the month for me, but Mason deserved better. Is Todd Gurley a once in a lifetime running back? I guess, but this team had bigger holes, like who is starting at offensive lineman?

Mason wasn’t perfect during his rookie campaign, sure he had plenty of sub four yards per carry games, but he wasn’t getting any help. He made the most of what he could get, ran hard, and made plays.

Through 12 games, Mason posted 765 yards and four touchdowns on 179 carries. That’s good for 4.3 yards per carry, but like I said, when you have Shaun Hill and a horrible offensive line it’s going to be tough sledding.

The reason why this hurts so bad is because we all know that Todd Gurley is better. One doesn’t need to watch countless hours of tape to know that Gurley is the best running back to come out in quite some time thus ending Mason’s fantasy value.

Is it possible that the two running backs coexist in the same backfield with both providing usefulness to fantasy owners around the world? No, it is not. I’m sure that whenever Gurley is ready to play, he’ll get the majority of the snaps. He’s just too good, and no matter how good I think Mason is, Gurely is just better.

I’ve stated before, this is very reminiscent of Adrian Peterson‘s rookie year when he stole the starting job from Chester Taylor. Taylor was an okay back, Tre Mason is better, but just not good enough.

Some of you may say that you can still draft Mason because Gurley isn’t a sure-thing to start the season. Sure, according to, Mason’s ADP currently has him as the 35th running back overall. Is that a bargain? Yes, but no matter when Gurley returns, the job is his.

I applaud Mason for slimming down, and keeping focused, but he’s going to need a prayer if he wants to get meaningful carries. As I mentioned before, even if Gurley misses, say four games, Mason is going to have a tough time getting anything going. This offensive line is god awful and the Rams play against the Seahawks and Steelers, two top-six run defense teams from 2014. They also play the Redskins and Cardinals and both teams were pretty decent against the run.

It’s obvious, the writing is on the wall, Mason had a good run but it’s over at least for this year.

I’d like to thank Tre Mason for his solid rookie season and here’s to hoping he gets traded sometime in the next year.


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Written by Chris

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