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2015 Fantasy Football Trade Deadline Targets

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For many leagues, the trade deadline is fast approaching, November 27, and now is the perfect time to strike a deal to get your team set for the playoffs. Here are a few top trade targets at each of the positions:


Matthew Stafford
It obviously hasn’t been the best year for Matthew Stafford, but if the past two games are any indication, he and the Lions offense are improving since naming Jim Bob Cooter the offensive coordinator.

Stafford hasn’t been at his best the past few years, but at this point in 2015, he’s completing a career-high 64.2 percent of his passes. Considering his career mark is only 60.1 percent, that’s pretty good.

With a solid completion percentage in tow, Stafford also has an extremely fantasy-friendly schedule to finish out the season.

He has the joy of facing the Eagles, Packers, Rams, Saints and 49ers to finish out the season. All these defenses, especially the Eagles, Saints and 49ers are especially dandy matchups. Sure, you may be saying the Rams are decent defensively, but they’ve been beaten a few times this year.

If you’re struggling at quarterback heading into your trade deadline, now is the perfect time to make a play for a quarterback with one of the easiest schedules the rest of the way.

Johnny Manziel & Josh McCown
The next two quarterbacks aren’t guys you necessarily need to trade for, maybe you can just add them, but they are worth buying. If you have a middle of the road quarterback, now is the time to trade that QB and a get another QB and a decent RB or WR in return.

It won’t always be pretty with Manziel, but you know he is always going to go out and make plays. To this point, in basically four games, Manziel has posted 933 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. He’s also only ran for 90 yards and it definitely wouldn’t be surprising to see him run more.

Manziel takes on the Rams, Bengals, 49ers, Seahawks and Chiefs to finish out the fantasy season. Not exactly the best schedule, but he has three pretty easy matchups against the Rams, 49ers and Chiefs.

Manziel doesn’t have the best supporting cast, but don’t be surprised if he is money during the fantasy playoffs.

With reports that Mike Pettine could bench Manziel for his partying video, it’s best to grab Josh McCown along with him. McCown is no slouch himself, he’s been great this year.

Brian Hoyer
Another quarterback that you don’t necessarily have to trade for, but one you should look into acquiring. Before week 10, Hoyer posted five straight games of at least 17 fantasy points.

Hoyer faces what is basically considered the worst defense in week 12, the Saints, and has pretty solid matchups the rest of the way, except against the Bills in week 13.

The great thing about Hoyer is that he throws the a ball at least 30 times per game every week and he gets to toss passes up to DeAndre Hopkins.

Running Backs

T.J. Yeldon
It hasn’t been a great rookie season for Yeldon, he’s only gone over 70 rushing yards twice this year, but his playoff schedule makes him an enticing running back.

He gets the pleasure of taking on the Chargers, Titans and Saints at some point over the next few weeks. All those matchups should lend itself a solid week from Yeldon.

Great matchups aside, owners just have to hope that Gus Bradley stops using Denard Robinson at the goal line. For some reason, that is something that has been happening over the past few weeks and it needs to stop!

Latavius Murray
Murray hasn’t quite been himself the past two weeks and a lot of that has to do with the Raiders playing bad as a unit. They’ve only scored 13.5 points per game in the past two weeks, obviously both losses.

In the weeks ahead, the Raiders need to get the running game going and make sure Murray gets his fair share of touches.

Murray does take on two decent defenses to finish the season, the Chiefs and Broncos, but everything else is considerably easier.

The past two games haven’t been pretty for Murray, but if you want a decent buy-low running back, Murray could be the answer.

Duke Johnson
Going after Duke Johnson isn’t necessarily about his upcoming matchups, but more so about how the Browns may evolve over the next few weeks.

From a running back standpoint, Johnson is somewhat matchup proof. He doesn’t get many carries from the backfield but does most of his damage as a receiver. As long as he’s getting snaps, there will always be opportunities for him to get targets considering the Browns are down in most games.

The Browns have average matchups the rest of the way, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them get their young players involved. Even though Isaiah Crowell is around, Johnson has proved to be a much more explosive option.

Johnson is the type of target you go after hoping his role expands on a horrible team, maybe his role stays the same, but he’s worth the risk.

Wide Receivers

Alshon Jeffery
Going after Jeffery isn’t for the faint of heart. He’s been injured basically all year and may not even play in week 12 on Thanksgiving. However, when he does play, he’s arguably a top-five fantasy option.

Jeffery is the type of target for a team that is barely hanging onto a playoff spot or for someone that doesn’t think their team can contend in the playoffs.

There’s nothing concerning about Jeffery’s rest of season schedule, if he plays, he’s guaranteed to get at least 10 targets. Sadly, you never now if he’s going to play.

If you want to take a risk, go after Jeffery, but just know, he may be sitting on your bench.

Calvin Johnson
Johnson doesn’t necessarily live up to the Megatron nickname anymore, but he’s still pretty good. On the season, Johnson has posted 59 catches for 828 yards and three touchdowns. Not to mention, he’s been targeted at least nine times in every game but three.

Going forward, much like what I said about Stafford, I like Johnson for the same reasons. The offense has been a bit better the past two weeks and Johnson is still Stafford’s favorite weapon.

As long as he can stay healthy, Stafford is going to continue to look his way, which should result in plenty more targets.

Johnson is probably someone that you can get cheap considering his low touchdown output and lack of hundred yard games.

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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I’m not hunting for Bigfoot I’m usually checking my fantasy team.

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