2015 Yahoo Fantasy Football Mock Draft

I just wrapped up a fantasy football mock draft using Yahoo. It was a standard league draft, nothing crazy, and thankfully pretty much everyone stayed throughout the entire draft. Also, there weren’t any crazy picks that made the draft unrealistic.

I picked from the 11th spot, and here are my results with some insight as to why I picked them:

1. Dez Bryant

Bryant is ranked as my number two receiver for 2015, so I have no problem picking him at the end of the first round. You’re guaranteed at least 80 catches, 1,300 yards, and 12 touchdowns with Bryant. With DeMarco Murray gone it should create more emphasis on the passing game.

I did have my eyes set on LeSean McCoy, but he went the pick before.

2. Julio Jones

Everything I said about Bryant applies to Jones, he’s set for another big year which is par for the course. The reason for going WR/WR is I wasn’t too sold on any of the running backs that were available. I do like C.J. Anderson quite a bit, maybe in a month or two he’ll be the pick, but Jones is pretty safe. DeMarco Murray, Arian Foster, and Jeremy Hill were still on the board, but I’d rather go with the sure-thing in Jones.

3. Brandin Cooks

Historically, I’m someone that goes RB/RB/WR, but here I take three receivers right away. As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Cooks is one player that I absolutely have to draft, and I was surprised to see Yahoo have him ranked as high as they did. I have no problem drafting him in the third.

With Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills gone, Cooks is the number one receiver which should lead to a huge season in a great offense.

4. Jonathan Stewart

Finally, my first running back in the fourth round is the injury-prone, Jonathan Stewart. I was planning on taking Justin Forsett, but he went the pick before.

Regardless, Steward has his best season in three years with 809 yards and three touchdowns. He still missed three games but was relatively healthy throughout the entire season. With DeAngelo Williams gone, and no on else a threat, Stewart should have his best season yet.

5. C.J. Spiller

Another running back with injury concerns, but I couldn’t help myself. Spiller is one of our ‘Bigfoots of the Year,’ and I’m projecting a big season for him.

As long as he can stay healthy, Spiller should act as the number two receiver of this team while getting a decent number of rushing attempts. Spiller should fill the Darren Sproles role that the Saints missed in 2014.

6. T.J. Yeldon

By drafting two injury-prone backs, I had to make sure to get a solid backup. Yeldon seems to already have been handed the Jaguars running back job, and should run away with it.

He isn’t the most athletic or fastest running back, but he’ll get a lot of carries, and the Jaguars running game is much-improved.

7. Ryan Tannehill

Had a breakout 2014, and the Dolphins surrounded him with even more weapons. Should at least replicate his 2014 success.

8. Julius Thomas

I’m surprised to see so many are down on Thomas. He was injured for a lot of 2014, and many point out the big contract the Jaguars gave him. Regardless, he’s one of the best red zone threats at tight end, and the Jaguars don’t have a proven receiver. He could easily lead the team in touchdowns.

9. Allen Robinson

I just said the Jaguars don’t have proven receiver, but Robinson has the best chance at breaking out. Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee are solid but don’t offer the size of Robinson.

The entire Jaguars offense was underwhelming in 2014, but Robinson still managed 48 catches and 548 yards. Like I said, this offenses has improved, and as long as Bortles steps up then Robinson could hit 1,000 yards.

10. DeVante Parker

I’m enamored with Parker, and he could be the best rookie receiver. The Dolphins did add Kenny Stills and Greg Jennings, but Parker bests each of them.

As long as he gets the starting job right away, Parker should be Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target.

11. Bishop Sankey

Sankey was bad in 2014, but so was the entire Titans’ offense. They did draft David Cobb, but Sankey probably gets one more shot at being the Titans starting running back.

12. Joseph Randle

The Cowboys were the most prolific running team in 2014, and they lost DeMarco Murray. They added Darren McFadden, but he will be nursing some injury before long.

13. Denver Defense

14. Jameis Winston

I’m a big Winston fan, and in two-quarterback leagues I’d have no problem with him as a QB2.

15. Blair Walsh

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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I'm not hunting for Bigfoot I'm usually checking my fantasy team.


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