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2016 Fantasy Football Receiver Rankings

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1. Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is pretty much the unquestioned number one ranked receiver in 2016. I have no issues with that, and maybe he hits 150 catches this year.

2. Julio Jones

The only thing that has held back Julio Jones in his career is his lack of touchdowns, he only has one year over eight touchdowns. It isn’t that big a deal considering Jones is always a threat to surpass 100 catches and 1,500 yards. Matt Ryan was pretty bad in 2016, and I think he improves at least enough to the point where Jones hits 10 touchdowns for the second time in his career.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham probably has the biggest play potential of any top-five receiver, and he proved that by averaging 15.1 yards per carry and 13 touchdowns. Not much will change in 2016, the only thing that could hold Beckham Jr. back is if Eli Manning reverts to 2013 form.

4. A.J. Green

Green is an elite receiver, but he doesn’t get the same amount of targets that elite receivers generally get. That will change in 2016 with Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu out of the picture, and with Tyler Eifert likely going to miss a few games. This is the year to draft Green.

5. Keenan Allen

Allen was a target monster through eight games and even had 13-plus targets in four games. Allen is going to be one of the league leaders in targets and should be at the top of everyone’s fantasy radars.

6. DeAndre Hopkins

I’m lower on Hopkins at most, I think he’s great, but it’s going to be hard replicating 192 targets, 1,512 yards, and 11 touchdowns. The Texans were pretty bad running the ball, and I expect Lamar Miller to get a really heavy workload. So, while I think Hopkins is a stud and has a better quarterback at his disposal in 2016, I think there are better options.

7. Dez Bryant

Everything was bad about the Cowboys’ offense last year, so there really isn’t much to say about Bryant considering he was injured. I am still a bit worried about how Tony Romo is going to fare coming off an injury, but Bryant is still one of the NFL’s best.

8. Brandin Cooks

Cooks had a slow start to the season but lit it up during the final nine games by catching eight touchdowns. Everything coming out of New Orleans has been about how Cooks is going to have a huge year, I buy it.

9. Donte Moncrief

I don’t think there’s another player that the fantasy community as a whole is as excited about. Moncrief has it all, size and speed, and is easily the Colts lone red zone threat as a receiver. As long as Andrew Luck is healthy, Moncrief should be on his way to what many expect to be a breakout season.

10. Sammy Watkins

There really isn’t a wide receiver that ended 2015 on a higher note than Watkins. In his last six games, Watkins averaged 113 yards, caught 35 passes and scored six touchdowns. He is a pretty big injury concern, but if his foot is okay, he could be one of the breakout studs of 2016.

11. Allen Robinson

I wrote a lengthy piece about why I’m ignoring Allen Robinson already. To keep it short, I think the Jaguars aren’t going to be playing from behind as much in 2016, their defense is going to be a lot better, and they’ll likely lean on the running game a bit more.

12. Alshon Jeffery

If he can stay healthy, Jeffery is one of the best receivers in fantasy. If he can’t stay healthy, Jeffery is one of the most annoying players in fantasy. However, I am slightly concerned about the emergence of Kevin White, but Jeffery should still be great.

13. Mike Evans

If Mike Evans could have actually caught the ball in 2016 he would be much higher on this list. Still, Evans has physical tools and height that most people can only dream of, so it’s hard to simply pass him up. Also, he is fortunate enough to be catching passing from Jameis Winston. In 2016, I expect Evans’ yards to stay around 1,200, but he should at least catch eight touchdowns.

14. Jordy Nelson

You have to at least be concerned about a 31-year-old receiver returning from an ACL injury, but the other Packer receivers did nothing to ignite much confidence for the upcoming season. As long as he is healthy, Nelson should be primed for his usual role as Aaron Rodger’s primary pass-catcher.

15. Brandon Marshall

I do think Ryan Fitzpatrick ends up back on the Jets, and though I do like Geno Smith more than most, I think best case scenario is Fitzpatrick returning. Marshall is an at least receiver that can handle heavy usage coupled with red zone opportunities.

16. Demaryius Thomas

In 2015, Thomas was far from his dominant self that we saw in the previous four years, but a lot of that has to do with being forced to catch passes from a severely washed up Peyton Manning. I’m admittedly a big Mark Sanchez fan, and I think he has more than enough left in the take to guide Thomas to a top-15 season.

17. Amari Cooper

Cooper had a pretty ho-hum rookie year, nothing horrible, but he didn’t really set the world a fire. Regardless, Derek Carr is an emerging talent at quarterback, and Cooper is an explosive and savvy wide receiver that should reap the rewards of the Raiders’ likely pass-heavy offense.

18. Golden Tate

I am extraordinarily high on Golden Tate, and pretty much all of the Lions passing weapons, including Eric Ebron in 2016. With Calvin Johnson gone, Tate is going to be the recipient of a few more targets and should at least raise his measly 9.0 yards per catch from a year ago.

19. Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry and Golden Tate are pretty much the same receiver, neither will jump off the screen, but they run crisp routes and act as high-volume possession receivers. I expect Ryan Tannehill to take at least a small step forward under Adam Gase, so I think Landry should at least replicate his 2015 season.

20. Julian Edelman

This was a small run on possession receivers in my rankings. I’m not worried about Edelman with Jimmy Garoppolo starting the first games, Edelman is locked in as the Patriots number one receiver regardless. However, I am a little bit concerned about Martellus Bennett and the possible emergence of Chris Hogan.

The Rest

21. Randall Cobb
22. Jeremy Maclin
23. Marvin Jones
24. Corey Coleman
25. TY Hilton
26. Kelvin Benjamin
27. John Brown
28. Jordan Matthews
29. Doug Baldwin
30. Eric Decker
31. Devante Parker
32. Markus Wheaton
33. Torrey Smith
34. Tavon Austin
35. Michael Crabtree
36. Emmanuel Sanders
37. Allen Hurns
38. DeSean Jackson
39. Michael Floyd
40. Tyler Lockett
41. Kevin White
42. Sterling Shepard
43. Kamar Aiken
44. Stefon Diggs
45. Rishard Matthews
46. Willie Snead
47. Terrance Williams
48. Travis Benjamin
49. Vincent Jackson
50. Mohamed Sanu

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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I’m not hunting for Bigfoot I’m usually checking my fantasy team.

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