Aaron Gordon Loses Dunk Contest, but Steals Show

For the first time in a long time, when Kenny Smith made his yearly claim that the dunk contest is back, he was actually right.

The final faceoff between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon was something for the ages. Even though LaVine came out victorious, Aaron Gordon went deep into his bag of tricks to do the three best dunks of the night.

He somehow managed to jump over a mascot on a hoverboard, grab the ball, put it under both legs and complete the dunk.

Then, on another dunk, that was more impressive after you realized what he did, he basically double-clutched but instead he brought the ball over his head, then back under his legs, then back up to slam it home.

Oh, and he also managed to palm the ball from a mascot spinning on a hoverboard and do what is being called a 360 “Mailman Slam.”

It’s safe to say, that even though LaVine won, Gordon was the true winner of the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest. LaVine’s dunk were nice, but nothing as inventive as Gordon’s. It seemed like the judges had already made up their minds before the contest happened with LaVine already being hyped as the best contestant since Vince Cater.

Let’s hope we see LaVine vs. Gordon rematch in 2017.

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