Bigfoot Hunting – Week 5: Grab Another Chiefs Receiver?

Bigfoot Hunting is our way of scavenging the waiver wire for meaningful sleepers that can help you win your matchup. These aren’t guys that are being started in most leagues or even owned. These are deep dives, that like hunting for Bigfoot, you may never find him but if you do you’ll be rich. The intention of ‘Bigfoot Hunting’ isn’t to keep reminding you to add Tyrod Taylor or Karlos Williams for the thousandth time, you know that. The purpose is to help you look a little deeper at your waiver wire for other opportunities to help your team.

Chris Conley|WR|Kansas City Chiefs

It appears the Chiefs are finally over their wide receiver woes after signing Jeremy Maclin but do they actually have any other receivers worth owning?

Well, the purpose of this series is to introduce deep sleepers that you have to hunt through your waiver wire to find, like hunting for Bigfoot. In week five, Chris Conley is a very deep sleeper that could reward owners.

Over the course of the first four weeks, Conley hasn’t done much but he did record his first reception in week three and saw an increase in playing time in week four against the Bengals.

In week four, Conley only had two catches for 53 yards, but he was tied for second on the team in targets with seven.

You may have never heard of Conley before, but to get truly excited about him you have to look at his 2014 combine numbers. First, he measured in at 6’2″, 213 pounds and ran a 4.35 40 time. Then, he set the vertical leap record for a wide receiver at 45 inches and set a broad jump record for receivers of 11 feet, seven inches.

So, I guess we’ve learned that he can jump, but can he play wide receiver? Honestly, he’s a bit raw but dating back to his college days at Georgia, he can make big plays. In four years, he caught 20 touchdowns and averaged 16.6 yards per carry.

So, what is Conley’s outlook for week five? Well, it appears Alex Smith and the offense is getting the receivers involved more, and in week four Conley was targeted the second most on the team. It looks like he’s getting playing time and now he needs to turn his targets into catches.

The Chiefs play the horrible Chicago Bears in week five, which should at least allow Conley to build upon his recent increase in playing time.

If you’re in a really deep league or are looking to snatch up the next breakout wide receiver, Conley could be the guy.

Chris Thompson|RB|Washington Redskins

While we’ve all been oozing over Matt Jones, another Redskins running back has actually been productive over the past two weeks. Obviously, that running back is Chris Thompson.

Thompson hadn’t done much of anything the first two weeks of the season, but over the past two weeks Thompson has carved out a role in Washington.

Since week three, Thompson has 8 rushing attempts for 82 yards and caught 10 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown.

Matt Jones and Alfred Morris have been huge letdowns since week three and Thompson actually led the Redskins in snaps during week three with 38.

Thompson’s about half the size of Matt Jones and Alfred Morris, but he makes up for it with his speed and shiftiness. He probably isn’t much more of a change of pace back, but four to five catches per game isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

With Kirk Cousins at QB, a receiving back is going to be crucial to his success and as long as Jones and Morris continue to falter, Thompson should keep getting snaps.

Jamison Crowder|WR|Washington Redskins

Double-dipping is okay sometimes, and in this case, there are two Washington Redskins players that owners need to keep an eye one.

This one is Jamison Crowder, another diminutive player that is getting an opportunity on the Redskins. Over the past two weeks, Crowder has reigned in 13 catches on 18 targets for 110 yards. In week four, Crowder led all Redskins receivers with 12 targets compared to Pierre Garcon‘s eight.

As far as the rest of the season is concerned, it isn’t crazy to think that Crowder has sewn up a role as the team’s second or third receiver. Even though DeSean Jackson should be back in the coming weeks, Crowder is a possession receiver and should see plenty of looks from Kirk Cousins. Crowder is a completely different receiver, and the return of Jackson shouldn’t really hurt him.

If the past two weeks are any indication, Crowder is going to be a favorite target of Cousins over the course of the season.

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