Bigfoot Hunting Week 8: A Quinton Patton Breakout?

Bigfoot Hunting is our way of scavenging the waiver wire for meaningful sleepers that can help you win your matchup. These aren’t guys that are being started in most leagues or even owned. These are deep dives, that like hunting for Bigfoot, you may never find him but if you do you’ll be rich. The intention of ‘Bigfoot Hunting’ isn’t to keep reminding you to add Tyrod Taylor or Karlos Williams for the thousandth time, you know that. The purpose is to help you look a little deeper at your waiver wire for other opportunities to help your team.

It’s no secret that as bad as Colin Kaepernick has been, his receiving weapons have been equally as bad. Anquan Boldin can barely run, Vernon Davis is a shell of his former self, and Torrey Smith hasn’t done much to deserve the contract he got this offseason.

In week eight, the 49ers are taking on the St. Louis Rams, and it also looks likely that the team will be without Anquan Boldin and maybe even Carlos Hyde. Against a tough defense, they likely weren’t going to be able to run the ball effectively with or without Hyde, so unfortunately, the 49ers will be relying on Kaepernick’s arm to make plays.

If Boldin is out, then Quinton Patton should step into the starting lineup next to Torrey Smith. Patton hasn’t done much since being drafted in the fourth round, but he has at least caught a touchdown this year.

Without Boldin and a running game that is likely going to struggle, Patton could be in for quite a few more targets than he usually sees.

Dexter McCluster|Tennessee Titans

We brought up McCluster here last week and it paid off. He ran five times for 20 yards and caught six passes for 48 yards.

With Zach Mettenberger getting the start in week eight, he’ll likely be looking McCluster’s way a lot.

The Houston Texans are horrible defensively, and there should be plenty of room for McCluster to navigate and pick up plenty of yards.

Even though Ken Whisenhunt did say Antonio Andrews deserves more touches, McCluster should continue to be the featured pass-catching running back.

Donteea Dye|Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dye had a nice moment last week, catching his first career pass for a touchdown, and it looks like he’ll be starting week eight. It appears like Vincent Jackson is going to be out and with Louis Murphy already out for the year, there aren’t too many receiving options for the Buccaneers.

Jameis Winston looked great in week seven against the Redskins, and he does take on a solid Falcons defense in week eight, but it could be a high scoring game.

Dye figures to be pretty busy on Sunday and could catch another touchdown.

Reggie Bush|San Francisco 49ers

With the news that Carlos Hyde is out, it looks like Reggie Bush will be in line to start. While the 49ers do have a more interesting running back in Mike Davis, Bush should have more value as a receiver.

If you have to start either Bush or Davis, I would go Bush, but I am more interested to see what Davis can do.

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