The Ever Entertaining NBA Draft Lottery

I watch the draft lottery because the team I like ends up in the NBA draft lottery basically every year, and boy, this year’s lottery was as exciting as ever.

We got to celebrate 76ers tanking for the past five years, and got to enjoy the usual awkward introductions as ESPN continues to try to make the lottery entertaining.

Oh look, Russell Westbrook wearing a 1970’s curtain, what’s new.


“Hey, Vlade, the Kings have picked in the lottery for the last nine years so what are you going to do to change that?” “Be lucky.” Some great interactions.

Also, every year the host of the show has to explain how the ping pong balls are selected in some secret room that only some random lady knows the outcome. Has anyone ever seen the show Big Brother? Before every challenge the contestants explain how the challenge works like they’re talking to a 90-year-old that has alzheimer’s and can barely finish a crossword puzzle.

We know how ping pong ball machines work.

So, this year, as we know by now, the T’Wolves ‘won’ the lottery. They had the best chances of winning, and now get to feature a roster that sports three first rounders. Those being Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins, and probably Karl Anthony-Towns.

Did the T’Wolves lose on purpose this year? I don’t know, but the NBA rewards tanking, look at the 76ers.

All those first round picks, and somehow the team is annually the worst in the NBA. Thankfully they didn’t get the three lottery picks they could have gotten had the lotto fell differently.

I don’t know how anyone can fix the draft lottery, but they can probably stop televising it like it’s some dramatic television gameshow. ‘Now, before you make a one million dollar decision…….let’s move to commercial break.’ I’m a loser and watch reruns of Deal or No Deal on GSN, it’s annoying.

Because tanking is so prevalent, and I truly believe a lot of teams can change their franchise outlook in one offseason, I don’t think the lottery is good for the NBA.

Because of the system, once the Spurs lose Pop and the Big Three, the front office is probably going to resort to tanking for a few years to get back on the map. That’s what NBA teams have to do to rebuild.

Fortunately, it doesn’t really work in the NFL because you can’t win with just one good QB, sure there are plenty of greats, but they didn’t do it alone

A team could tank, get the next generational NBA player, and be good for the next few years.

Is the NBA going to change the lottery anytime soon? Probably not unless they think they have a better idea, and they probably don’t.

Is it just fair to rotate the draft order each year basically once every thirty years a different team gets the first pick? I don’t know if it is because it basically makes it impossible for a team to trade up. For the ten year period where you’re picking like 20 to 30, you’re going to be stuck there.

Or would just the first round pick rotate from year to year, and then there’s a lottery for the teams that didn’t make the playoffs?

I don’t know, I guess we should just enjoy what we have this year, and think about it next year. Sorry, Phil Jackson.

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