Bills Trade Kiko Alonso to Eagles for LeSean McCoy

If you thought NFL news was going to be quite until free agency started then you were surely mistaken. According to Adam Schefter and others the Bills and Eagles have agreed to swap Kiko Alonso and LeSean McCoy. This literally came out of nowhere.

LeSean McCoy had what was considered a disappointing season in Chip Kelly’s offense with 1319 rushing yards and five touches. Even though he had 312 rushes it seemed like he was being phased out of the offense, especially in the passed game, for Darren Sproles.

On the other hand, Kiko Alonso had a huge rookie season in 2013 at linebacker with 159 tackles, 2 sacks, and four interceptions. Despite the huge season Alsonso missed the entire season due to an ACL tear he suffered in the offseason.

This is a big time move for both sides especially considering you rarely see player for player trades in the NFL like this. However, the Bills seemed to be enamored with these types of trades since they traded Kelvin Sheppard for Jerry Hughes.

So, who wins the trade? Well, the Bills needed a running back, and despite the down season LeSean McCoy is one of the top five running backs in the league. Not only is a a great and shifty runner, but he is an adept pass catcher. The Bills need an accomplished running back that can run and catch considering their lack of talent at quarterback.

With C.J. Spiller on the way out the Bills were going to acquire a running back, but no one would have expected they would have made a move this big. Rex Ryan has stated time and time again since joining the Bills that he and offense coordinator Greg Roman will ground and pound. Historically, McCoy isn’t a ‘ground and pound’ type runner, but he is about as elusive as they come.

Now for the Eagles, they get one of the top young linebackers in the NFL that is coming of a severe injury. Alonso also suffered a knee injury in college, and has some off the field issues, but playing at Oregon he is more than familiar with Chip Kelly. This was a position of need for the Eagles, and Chip Kelly went out and got one his guys.

It’s hard to pick a winner in this trade, but it seems both teams got themselves a stud player at a positions they need. Runnings backs are a dime a dozen, but the Bills got a good one in LeSean McCoy. Likewise, the Eagles got a young and very talented linebacker at a position they need.

Right now, it looks like the Bills got the better end of the deal, but if healthy Kiko Alonso will wreck havoc for the Eagles.

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