Blaine Gabbert Will be a Top 20 Fantasy QB the Rest of the Season

It’s hard to imagine, I know, but Blaine Gabbert has been pretty good in two starts since replacing Colin Kaepernick.

In two starts, he’s amassed 449 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. It is worth noting, one of those interceptions was entirely Jerome Simpsons fault.

So, when you add it up, Gabbert has done much better than expected against two solid defenses in Seattle and Atlanta.

So, why do I like Gabbert so much? Well, first, a top 20 rank from weeks 12 to 16 isn’t that much of a stretch, but I find myself considering trading mid-tier quarterbacks for an upgrade at RB or WR, and charging head first into the playoffs with Blaine Gabbert.

Gabbert has a pretty easy schedule the rest of the season with the exception being a week 12 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals made Kaepernick look absolutely foolish in week three and there is a chance they do the same to Gabbert.

However, I think Gabbert has proven to be a better, more accurate passer than Kaepernick. It won’t be easy, especially considering the supporting cast, but Gabbert will probably be throwing the ball at least 35 times per game the rest of the season. The Cardinals may ultimately have his number, but that doesn’t mean Gabbert won’t put up 15 points.

So, while week 12 isn’t exactly a juicy matchup, the rest of the season looks much better for Gabbert’s outlook. In those weeks, Gabbert takes on the Bears, Browns, Bengals and Lions. All pretty easy matchups.

Rk Tm Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Y/A Y/C Y/G Rate Sk
4 Chicago Bears 198 319 62.1 2172 19 6.0 5 7.2 11.7 217.2 97.3 20
8 Arizona Cardinals 212 364 58.2 2287 16 4.4 14 6.6 11.4 228.7 76.9 19
15 Cincinnati Bengals 237 371 63.9 2428 15 4.0 11 7.0 11.0 242.8 85.7 28
19 Detroit Lions 230 335 68.7 2505 16 4.8 4 7.9 11.6 250.5 103.3 24
26 Cleveland Browns 208 339 61.4 2685 21 6.2 6 8.2 13.4 268.5 100.7 16
Avg Tm/G 22.6 35.8 63.2 246.6 1.6 4.6 0.9 7.3 11.6 246.6 88.4 2.3

Believe it or not, the Bears have allowed the fourth least passing yards in the NFL, 2172 yards, but have given up 19 touchdowns to only five interceptions.

Am I wrong for trusting Gabbert? Maybe, but this is a team that probably isn’t going to be successfully running the ball for the rest of the season and they’ll be down by a bunch in most games. The success of this offense is squarely on Gabbert’s shoulders. He’s proven, against decent defenses, that he can hang in there and make decent throws at the expense of having a horrible supporting. Lets also not forget, Gabbert is pretty athletic and could do some damage with his legs.

A lot of people want to compare Gabbert to Alex Smith, but I think Gabbert is a better fantasy option. If your QB situation is forcing you to start someone like Teddy Bridgewater, Kirk Cousins or you’ve lost someone to injury, Gabbert could be the unexpected saviour to your fantasy team.

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