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Buffalo Bills 2015 Mock Draft

If there is one thing the Bills need in this draft it’s a quarterback, but unfortunately for them they won’t be finding one. After Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota the quarterback is the weakest since the 2013 class that was headlined by EJ Manuel. Since quarterback is so weak the Bills will have to trifle through NFL free agency to find one, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add much needed talent at other positions.

With Rex Ryan at the helm the Bills need to acquire new players that may fit his defensive scheme better, and the same goes for finding players for Greg Roman’s offense. The Bills don’t need to use this draft to rebuild, but just find a few key players to fill in the holes.

2. Cameron Erving, T/G/C

Erving was a solid left tackle for the Seminoles until he fell apart to start 2014, and was forced to move to center where he became a stud. The Bills have needs at guard, potentially right tackle, and at center despite people not wanting to admit Eric Wood isn’t very good.

Following the switch to center Erving proved doubters wrong, and is the top center in this draft, but the Bills would most likely use him at guard. It’s too early to tell how Greg Roman feels about Seantrel Henderson, but one could assume he’ll probably be the starting right tackle. Regardless, Erving can be an elite center or guard for the Bills, and could play tackle on a whim if they need him to. Rex Ryan has said all along he wants to go run-heavy, and if he wants to do that then they need to improve the offensive line.

3. David Johnson, RB

Johnson lit up the combine in what was a pretty disappointing performance by the running backs. His 4.5 40 time is solid, but when you couple it with his 6’1, 220 pound frame it looks even better.

The Bills are most likely losing C.J. Spiller, but is that really a bad thing for them at this point? Also, Fred Jackson is probably nearing the end of his career, and Bryce Brown is a huge question mark. The Bills need to find a bell-cow running back that can plow through blockers, and can catch the occasional checkdown. Johnson proved throughout his career at Nortern Iowa that he can not only be an effective runner, but an adequate pass-catcher as well.

5. Tyler Kroft, TE

Aside from needing a quarterback it seems that the Bills have needed a tight end for just as long. Scott Chandler has put up numbers, but he is about as athletic as a piece of wood.

Kroft never put up huge numbers at Rutgers thanks to horrible quarterback play, but at 6’6 he has the size and speed of a starting NFL tight end. This may honestly be a bit low for him, but his stock is a bit down, and this tight end class leaves a lot to be desired so he could slide down the draft a tad.

5. Lynden Trail

The Bills main pass rush cam from their four starting lineman, and they really don’t have much depth behind them. Not to mention Jerry Hughes could be on his way out, however reports indicate the Bills are trying to keep him.

Regardless, even if the Bills keep Hughes they still need depth. Trail is huge at 6’6 and was recruited to Florida, but left once Urban Meyer decided to return. He does have off-field issues, and playing at an FCS school is concerning, but he could the Bills version of Quentin Coples.

6. Kyle Emanuel

Like I said, the Bills are thin on pass rushers despite sporting the best defensive line in the NFL. Rex Ryan likes to attack the quarterback, and the Bills will need depth on the roster if they want to continually get after a QB for 60 minutes. Emanuel is a small school prospect like Trail, but had an insane 19.5 sacks in 2014.

7. Terry Williams

Last but not least, Rex Ryan will probably want a big fat nose tackle so here he goes. Williams is big at 353 pounds, and could play some downs when the Bills want to go 3-4.


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