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Buy-low Fantasy Baseball Week 3

Ryan Braun

I have an unhealthy infatuation with Ryan Braun. In 2007 my team was performing horribly, I added Ryan Braun, and everything turned around.

Braun has had a rough past three years with suspensions, and injuries, but when he’s played he has done well. However, 2015 has started off slowly for Braun with the team experimenting with him as the leadoff hitter.

Nevertheless, Braun has proven he is one of the best hitters in baseball, and his .265 batting average with no one home runs shouldn’t faze anyone. At this point Braun’s owner probably can’t stand him, unless you’re me, so now would be a good time to send out an offer.

Keep in mind that Braun isn’t foreign to enduring plenty of minor injuries, but trading for him is the type of move that can propel teams to the playoffs.

Jason Heyward

Heyward is a former once in a lifetime prospect that just hasn’t panned out. Still he’s somehow only 25-years-old. So, there’s still a lot more room for him to grow.

Despite his remaining potential, Heyward has once again gotten off to a disappointing start. He’s batting .227 with one homer, and 3 RBI.

Heyward has also spent a lot of time on the DL, he’s played 140 or more games in three of his five years.

Still, he’s young, and after five years he has to start getting it sometime, right? His minor league numbers, .317/29/131 in 246 games, suggest the best is yet to come. Also, he’s stole 20 bases twice in his major league career, and could eventually become a 20/20.

Heyward, like Braun, is a player that owners could just be sick of that I would be willing to take a risk on.

Curtis Granderson

This is a buy very low situation. Like just offer your worst player for Granderson and see what happens.

To start 2015, Granderson has been horrible batting .132 with no homers and no RBI. Though he has been leading off for the Mets, and has 11 walks, and seven runs.

We all know that Granderson isn’t going to hit for average, but the power and run potential is there. Also, Granderson had a pretty big spring training, .442/3/13, and it seemed like maybe the average would rise.

Nevertheless, Granderson wasn’t able to build on is spring, and has been useless. Like I said, Granderson is buy extremely low, toss out a random offer, and just see what happens.

Brandon McCarthy

McCarthy is currently sporting a 6.75 era, but it has been somewhat fluky. He’s allowed six homers, and four in one game against the Mariners. In his career he’s only allowed 25 home runs.

He likely won’t be giving up homers left and right like he has to start the season. Most likely he’ll calm down. So, while the era and homers are disappointing, he’s stuck out 19 batters in 12 innings.

This may be the last chance to get McCarthy for somewhat cheap, on Sunday he shutout the Rockies in six innings, and struck out six. If you need pitching now should be the last time to put a package together with McCarthy in it before you have to overpay.


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