Can Sammy Watkins Save Your Fantasy Season?

A year ago this time, Sammy Watkins was entering week 12 and about to finish the 2015 season as one of the hottest receivers in the NFL. Over the course of his final six games, Watkins reached at least 80 yards in every game and caught six touchdowns. He actually looked like the receiver many thought he would be when the Bills drafted him.

Well, can he do it again this year?

Ya know what? I think Watkins repeats and helps a lot of people reach their fantasy championship.

First, I have no idea if Watkins is really healed from his foot injury. He recently said he was 100%, but as we know, NFL players lie about their health or have no idea what they’re talking about. Before week one, I believe Watkins also said he was 100% and looked what happened.

So, in regards to health, even though he is practicing, I won’t believe it till I see him on the field.

Health issues aside, if Watkins is really healthy then he should immediately see plenty of targets coming his way.

If I have to remind you, the Bills’ current group of receivers consist of Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, Percy Harvin, Justin Hunter, and Charles Clay. It’s gotten pretty horrible in Buffalo at receiver, and I can’t really think of a team with a worse group of receivers other than the 49ers. On top of all their issues, Robert Woods has been playing injured for the past few weeks, and he looks doubtful to play this week.

The Bills need Sammy Watkins to step up, and if anything, I’m sure Doug Whaley is whispering in Rex Ryan’s ear to force the ball to Watkins so his horrific decision to trade up for Watkins can be somewhat validated.

Looking ahead, the Bills have an extremely fantasy-friendly schedule to close out the season.

This week, they get a revenge game against Doug Marrone and the Jaguars, followed by matchups with Oakland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Miami, and the Jets. If Sammy Watkins is out there, he has some pretty enticing matchups that he can take advantage of.

So, Watkins has a lot going for him if he can return, and I haven’t even mentioned Tyrod Taylor yet.

To this point, Taylor has pretty much mirrored his 2015 season with one big exception. Last year, it seemed like every week Taylor was tossing beautiful passes 50 plus yards down the field, but not so much this year. With a pretty disappointing group of receivers, Taylor’s yards per completion has dropped from 7.99 to 6.56. He’s dropped a full yard and a half, which is a pretty big decline.

In my opinion, watching Tyrod Taylor this year, he’s been every bit as good as he was last year, except it seems like he’s opting for shorter passes rather than taking a shot down the field. Now, that could do with the fact that he hasn’t had a receiver with an elite skill-set to get down the field quickly and make a contested catch. Woods and Goodwin have some pretty decent skills, but they are one-trick ponies compared to Watkins.

Watkins career has been a huge disappointment filled with flashes of greatness. If he truly is healthy, Watkins should want to come out of the gate quickly and prove all his doubters wrong.

Right now, I’m saying Watkins will have a big impact on your fantasy team, and could be the push you need to get into the playoffs and do some damage.

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Written by Chris

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