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DeMarco Murray’s Fantasy Value on the Eagles

NFL free agency has essentially turned into a suspense thriller with uncertainty and lies. One of the biggest storylines has been what is exactly going on with DeMarco Murray. Most thought he was going back to the Cowboys or even the Raiders then after the Eagles got dumped by Frank Gore they signed Murray. However, not only did the Eagles sign Murray, but they also signed Ryan Mathews. This is absolute worst-case scenario for fantasy owners.

In 2014 Murray had one of the great running back season of all-time, however the Cowboys ran him into the ground with 449 touches. Not to mention he was already an injury concern.

Now throw Ryan Mathews into the mix, and you have the most talented backfield in the NFL, but also the most injury-prone. Mathews only played 6 games last season, and has only played 16 games once in his entire career.

Regardless of injury concerns, Murray and Mathews have essentially been rendered useless. Sure they are talented and in a great offense, but how can you justify drafting one knowing the other looms.

Murray will probably get 15-18 touches out of the gate, but what if Mathews gets hot, and Chip Kelly decides to go with what’s working. The workload is too hard to project at this point.

Despite Mathews being around, owners will probably take Murray in the second round, but that is way too high. In fact, I wouldn’t even touch Murray at all until the fourth or fifth round, but Mathews could be nice idea as a late-round flier.

Both are injury-prone, but the move to Philadelphia hurts Mathews draft value so much that if Murray gets hurt he could be a steal. Also, as a last pick in the draft Mathews is a worthy risk, however drafting Murray in round two or three is not.

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