Eagles Trade DeMarco Murray to the Titans

It appears that the Eagles front office is trying to make like the Chip Kelly era never happened.

First they cut Riley Cooper, a Chip Kelley favorite, released Demeco Ryans, traded Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell, and the most recent bomb to drop is the trade sending DeMarco Murray to the Titans for a draft pick.

First, the Eagles front office and Doug Pederson deserve credit for their willingness to completely blow up the organization. They are completely wiping the slate clean and it’s actually nice to see. So many teams appear to constantly just be going through the motions and are never proactively trying to change the landscape of the franchise.

Now, will these moves actually pan out? Who knows. But, the Eagles appear to be actually trying to build a new team.

I can’t speak for Pederson, but he seemed like a highly regarded head coaching candidate and, in my opinion, Jim Schwartz was one of the best coordinator hires this offseason.

So, while getting a third rounder for DeMarco Murray is pretty good for the Eagles, what about for the Titans?

A third rounder does seem like a lot for a running back with Murray’s mileage, but the Titans desperately need a new running back. While it could have been more advantageous to see them draft a running back or throw a bunch of money at Lamar Miller, Murray could be an effective piece of the puzzle for Marcus Mariota and company.

Also, despite the Titans really needing a running back, Murray is only in the second year of a 5-year, 40 million dollar contract. Yeah, that is pretty bad.

Taking into account the contract, the Eagles really won this trade, but Murray may still have another one to two years of decent football left.

With all the moves the Eagles have been making, it will be exciting to see how they continue to retool the franchise.

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