Who is the Eagles’ Trainer with the Handlebar Mustache?

If you were watching the Thanksgiving beatdown the Lions were giving the Eagles, you may have noticed an interesting mustachioed man appear during an injury.

Immediately, screenshots of this mystery man appeared on Twitter causing quite the stir. Well, just who is this mysterious mustache man?

After doing some digging and looking at the Eagles trainers on their official website, I happened upon the Twitter of Micah Gearhart, Eagles’ athletic trainer.

After tracing a few retweets and diving into Reddit, the man with the moustache is none other than Joe O’Pella. After a thread on Reddit popped up, O’Pella responded to the thread saying he’s growing his moustache for Movember in hopes of raising money for prostate and testicular cancer. Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.09.53 AM The Reddit account hasn’t been confirmed as O’Pella’s just yet, but he does have a link to the thread on his personal Twitter, so it’s probably him.

I can’t imagine before appearing on television that O’Pella had very many Twitter followers, but now he’s up to 1,671 followers.

Good on O’Pella for using his immaculate facial hair for charity, unfortunately, some of us barely have to shave twice a week.


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Written by Chris

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