FanDuel Fortune Finder Week 3: The Return of Brian Hoyer?

There are just some players, Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown being two of them, that just somehow wind up starting for their respective teams.

As we know, Josh McCown saw his opportunity come and go with a shoulder injury, but now we get the fortune of watching Brian Hoyer start for the Bears.

As it stands, Brian Hoyer is available for a very cost-effect $6,000 in FanDuel. As cheap as he is, Hoyer isn’t exactly a great real-life quarterback, but there have been plenty of times, including last year, where he was a fantasy bargain.

In 11 games with the Texans, Hoyer finished with 2,606 yards, 19 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. He barely completed 60 percent of his passes, but in 11 games, those are pretty darn good numbers.

I like Hoyer a lot this week against the Cowboys, and would certainly pair him with Alshon Jeffery. If there’s one thing Hoyer does well, it’s force the ball down the gullet of his top targets. Think DeAndre Hopkins last year, and even with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron in two starts for the Browns in 2013.

Jay Cutler is trying to play this week, if so, forget Hoyer.

Dak Prescott – $7,100

To date, Prescott has been like a lite version of what Tyrod Taylor was in 2015. While he hasn’t made the big plays Taylor was making last year, he also hasn’t been turning the ball or exactly setting the world on fire through the air.

I think against Chicago, the game will be surprisingly high scoring, so that’s why I like both Prescott and Hoyer.

Also, as we know the Chicago Bears are pretty horrible at cornerback and also lost Danny Trevethan and Lamar Houston last week. This could be a big game from Prescott.

Jay Ajayi – $5,700

I’m actually avoiding Tannehill against the Browns because, like many, I do think the game will be a blowout which will force the Dolphins to run more.

It’s believed that the Dolphins will deploy a RBBC with Arian Foster out, but I truly believe Ajayi is going to handle most of the running back responsibilities. As long as he doesn’t fumble, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ajayi sniff 18 to 20 touches in a breakout game following a pretty rough two weeks.

Melvin Gordon – $7,100

I’m all in on Melvin Gordon, even at the somewhat hefty $7,100 tag.

Since the preseason, Gordon has actually looked like the running back he was at Wisconsin, and he is set for all the touches he can handle with Danny Woodhead, Keenan Allen, and possibly Antonio Gates out.

The Colts just aren’t good, expect Gordon to have a career game.

Dwayne Washington – $4,500

I love Dwayne Washington, I’ve been saying it since before the NFL draft, and it seems like he’s primed to take over lead ball carrying duties with Ameer Abdullah gone for the year. Note, I said ‘ball carrying duties’ because, as we know, Theo Riddick should dominate a majority of the snaps out of the backfield as a receiver.

Washington does have a somewhat tough matchup against a solid Packers defense, but I expect the Lions passing game to come out swinging after getting somewhat robbed last week. That should take the pressure of Washington, and will likely lead to at least a few goal line attempts.

I can’t say I know how many touches Washington will get, but he’s a surprising home run threat for some his size, and he will probably get all of the goal-line touches.

Jamison Crowder – $5,000

I love me some Jamison Crowder this week against the Giants.

In two games so far, Crowder leads the Redskins in targets, catches, and is the only receiver or tight end to catch a touchdown. It’s clear he’s a favorite of Kirk Cousins.

While Cousins has been really bad this year, his accuracy has been way off, but, fortunately, Crowder doesn’t run routes that are much more than 10 yards down the field, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, it’s worth noting that DeSean Jackson had a knee issue flare up, and if he’s out, bump Crowder up even further.

Michael Floyd – $6,900

Have you guys seen the Bills defense this year? They’ve been horrible, and that goes for Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby.

To date, Floyd has done much, he only has five catches for 69 yards and a touchdown, but I think he’s the best play against the Bills.

Darby and Gilmore have been getting out-muscled this year, and Floyd has the size and speed to take advantage of whatever issues Bills’ defensive backs are having.

Jimmy Graham – $5,200

I don’t think there’s been a more disappointing player the past two years than Jimmy Graham. Seattle just hasn’t worked out for him, but with his snap count increasing from week one, I think Graham has touchdown potential.

With most tight ends, Jacob Tamme and Dennis Pitta aside, being absolutely horrible, the most you can really hope for is a few catches and a touchdown. I think Graham does that.

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