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Fantasy Baseball Bigfoots of the Year 2015

Does Bigfoot really exist? Who knows, however I still holdout hope that someday some lowly camper will come upon the great creature in the mountains somewhere.

Similar to the hunt for Bigfoot, fantasy owners are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Sadly, for every Corey Dickerson there’s a 2014 Jason Kipnis somewhere in the mix.

2015 should be no different, and here are the top studs and duds for the coming year.

The Bigfoot: Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arenado is a top 10 pick in 2016 waiting to happen. Arenado entered the league in 2013, and had decent success, but nothing earth shattering after hitting .267 with 10 home runs in 133 games. Regardless, solid numbers for being 21 years-old.

Still, 2014 left owners wanting more. Was he going to breakout or leave owners in the dust like the illustrious Bigfoot. Well, it’s safe to say despite only playing 111 games, Arenado met those exceptions. He hit .287 with 18 home runs, 61 RBI in only 111 games. Over a 162 game season those numbers could easily translate to at least 30 home runs, and 100 RBI.

Now in his third year it’s safe to say that MLB’s Bigfoot resides in Coors Field. Finally, after two years of restless search Arenado is about to be shown of the the world.

If all goes well in 2016 without any injuries, Arenado has the potential to be the top player at third base. While third base is generally pretty deep no one other than Anthony Rendon shares the same potential.

The Skunk Ape: George Springer

There are many names for Bigfoot, and Skunk Ape is a name that is used in Florida. This version is somewhat derogatory, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see more kids using it in the near future.

“Hey, you stupid skunk ape, give me your lunch money.” It sort of works.

Anyway, for the purpose of this article, the Skunk Ape refers to a player that will greatly underperform. So much so that it will leave a bad taste in owners mouths. Sadly, that player is going to be George Spring.

Unfortunately, many have already crowned Springer as the next great power hitter. He is worthy of that title, but this will be a year of growing pains.

He will hit a lot of home runs, probably around 30, but is going to strikeout a lot. And by a lot I mean Adam Dunn type numbers, probably around 170 or more.

Springer is a great keeper, and a great target in dynasty leagues, but he is another year away from improving to the point where his average won’t kill you.


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