Fantasy Football Rookie Receiver Rankings

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1. Amari Cooper

The Raiders took Cooper fourth overall, and he closely resembles last year’s fourth overall pick, Sammy Watkins.

There’s no doubting Cooper’s talent after he put up 1,727 and 16 touchdowns on 124 catches. Cooper isn’t the fastest receiver or the biggest, but he makes up for it with his intangibles.

Cooper now becomes Derek Carr’s best receiver, and it should lead to big fantasy numbers. Cooper is the type of receiver that is capable of catching 80 plus balls, but I don’t he’s a ‘big play waiting to happen receiver’ like the group from last year.

Regardless, as long as Derek Carr improves Cooper should have no problem being a serviceable WR3 or low-end WR2 in any fantasy league.

2. Breshad Perriman

There were two other receivers, aside from Cooper, drafted ahead of Perriman, but he comes in as the number two rookie receiver. The Ravens haven’t really had a good group of receiver for the past few years, and now all they have aside from Berriman is Steve Smith Sr.

Perriman comes in as the replacement to Torrey Smith, and he fills the big play, deep threat that Smith posed for opposing defenses. Even more in Perriman’s favor is that he joins a team with an adequate quarterback that has one of the biggest arms in the NFL.

Perriman is extremely raw, and has had a hard time catching the ball in college, but his 4.3 speed is reason enough for him to stay on the field. As long as he doesn’t make a habit of dropping catches again he should be fine.

In his rookie season Perriman has the opportunity to lead the Ravens in many receiving categories, and could be a great fantasy steal.

3. DeVante Parker

The Dolphins added a plethora of receivers this offseason, but none come close to the talent of Parker. Whereas the other receives are all one-trick ponies, Parker can do it all.

Unlike the two other receivers ranked ahead of him, Parker has the best size/speed set, but the other receivers on the roster make him a bit riskier.

It may take a few weeks for Parker to separate himself from the back, but in due time I would expect him to be Ryan Tannehill’s number one option. Over time I think Parker has the opportunity to be the best receiver of the bunch, but for now it’s more of a wait and see.

4. Kevin White

White’s ranking is more indicative of how I feel about Jay Cutler, I hate him.

However, Cutler’s track record of forcing balls to his top receivers are reason enough to consider White a fantasy option.

The one glaring issue for White is that the Bears already have a top 10 receiver in Alshon Jeffery, a very good tight end, and a pass catching running back. Also, Eddie Royal is on the roster, and he is somehow always creeping his way into fantasy value.

As long as Jay Cutler is slinging passes left and right, I think White could have a nice year, but the Bears’ QB position is a mess so it’s hard to decipher the situation.

5. Dorial Green-Beckham

Of any receiver on this list DGB has the most talent. His size and speed combination closely resembles Mike Evans, and he could be in for a similar rookie campaign,

I’m not worried about the off-field issues for DGB, my only issue is how well will this offense perform. I like Marcus Mariota quite a bit, but the Titans are just a bad team. Ken Wisenhunt has had success in the NFL in the past, but the past few years haven’t been kind to him.

For DGB, all he has to do is keep his head on straight, and Mariota will do the rester. There isn’t a receiver on this roster that could realistically challenge DGB for the a starting job.

I’ll try to draft him in every league I’m in, but there could be bumps along the way.

Others to consider:

Nelson Agholor: Could replace Jeremy Maclin’s role in the Eagles offense.

Jalen Strong: Next to DeAndre Hopkins the Texans have next to nothing at receiver.

Justin Hardy: Has a chance to start in the slot for the Falcons, replacing Harry Douglas.

Devin Funchess: Pretty raw, but the Cam Newton doesn’t have anyone to throw to but Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen.


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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I’m not hunting for Bigfoot I’m usually checking my fantasy team.

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