How Valuable is Jose Iglesias in Fantasy?

Jose Iglesias has been an interesting player in the first month of baseball for fantasy owners. To date, he’s currently slashing .382/0/2 with five runs, and five stolen bases.

The average and stolen bases are nice, but no homers and only two RBI put a damper on his value. However, how exactly valuable is his .382 average?

Well, his career numbers suggest that he won’t be able to keep this up in the long run. His career batting average is .286, but his minor league career average is only .257. That’s a pretty big disparity.

In fantasy baseball shortstop is a generally weak position which has put an emphasis on guys that may be overvalued if they played another position.

Iglesias sole value is in that he isn’t going to hurt your average, at least for the moment he isn’t. It’s safe to assume that he won’t be able to keep this up, and how valuable is someone that can’t hit homers, doesn’t drive in runs, and doesn’t get runs because he bats at the bottom of the order.

Before long I suspect Iglesias to become useless in fantasy leagues, but if he can somehow keep his batting average up over .330 he may be useful.

However, there are a few shortstop on the waiver wire that could provide bigger benefits than Iglesias. For instance, Wilmer Flores and Jed Lowrie are much more useful.

For starters, Lowrie bats right in the middle of the Houston Astros which gives him the opportunity to drive in runs. Sure, most of the Astros’ hitters strikeout half the time, but when there are players on base Lowrie has a shot at driving them in. Lowrie has been incapable of staying healthy, but he could definitely hit 20 homers and drive in 70 runs.

On the other hand, Wilmer Flores offers very similar potential, and I’ve written a bunch about Flores already here. In short, in my eyes Flores and Lowrie are basically the same player with Lowrie getting the edge in standard leagues, and Flores the edge in dynasty.

So, after all this, is Jose Iglesias useful in fantasy? He is but his lack of anything, but average makes him extremely one-dimensional. As his career numbers indicate, once his average drops he won’t be worth owning, and once that happens it would be good to have Lowrie or Flores locked in to replace him.

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