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Is Josh McCown the Answer for the Bills?

The Bills need a quarterback desperately, and everyone knows it. EJ Manuel has proven to be a bust in limited playing time, and Kyle Orton retired so he could have more time to perfect his neck-beard.

With a myriad of question marks, and no potential answers the Bills are now forced to find yet another quarterback for 2015. There are a lot of ways for the Bills to find a quarterback, but in all likelihood they won’t find a long-term answer.

The draft has two legit prospects in Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, but the rest of the class is filled with a dozen or so Trent Edwards. Suffice it to say, the Bills won’t find an answer in the draft.

Since this draft is a desolate wasteland of quarterbacks the Bills will have to move to free agency. The first option is obviously Mark Sanchez, and Rex Ryan already has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Bills jersey on his arm so it could be a perfect reunion.

Could Mark Sanchez be the Bills answer for at least a year or two? Probably. He has put up some statistically decent season, made the playoffs a few times, and won’t have to do much on a run-heavy team with an excellent defense.

After Mark Sanchez there is Josh McCown, whom the Bills have been supposedly been fawning over since he was released by the Buccaneers. Josh McCown is interesting, not only because despite being 35 years-old he looks like a 20 year-old hipster, but because he has been on a late career resurgence.

Despite being in the league for 12 years McCown has only played in 69 games, so it’s not like there is a lot of mileage on his arm.

McCown isn’t a great quarterback, but he is about as good as anyone else they could end up with leading the team. As long as he is better than EJ Manuel will Bills fans really care that much?

Per various reports on Thursday the Bills are said to be negotiating terms of a deal with McCown, so it looks like this marriage could be coming closer to a reality. Even if the Bills sign McCown it is likely the bring in another quarterback, but it’s safe to assume that McCown should win the starting job.

So there you have it, the Bills have probably found their answer at quarterback until 2016 when they have a shot at drafting the next big thing in Gunner Kiel.

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