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It’s Almost Time to Consider Benching Eddie Lacy

A few years ago, a picture of Eddie Lacy popped up on the Internet of him at training camp looking like he ate too many McRibs in the offseason. When I look at Eddie Lacy today, I see a large, uninspiring running back without much shiftiness. Maybe I’m just a bitter Eddie Lacy owner, but the fact of the matter is, Lacy has been a huge disappointment this year.

Lacy was certainly a top five pick in your league, and he did start the season off looking like the running back you thought he would be. Unfortunately, since week two, unlike the 2006 Chicago Bears, Dennis Green would say Eddie Lacy is not who we thought he was.

First, Lacy suffered a minor ankle injury in week two and only played the first quarter. That injury forced him to receive limited carries in week three, but he did manage 87 total yards.

Following his solid performance in week three, Lacy looked great in week four, and as we know by now, he did nothing in week five. Lacy managed just 35 yards total yards on 13 touches.

After another crummy performance, as the title says, it’s just about time to let Eddie Lacy sit on your bench until he shows signs of life.

Now, in leagues where I own Lacy, I’m not benching him in week six against the Chargers, but if he falters, he’ll be sitting on the bench when he returns from the Packers week seven bye.

For many, benching a top five pick is probably hard to stomach, but fantasy football is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ business. There are running backs on the waiver wire, unless your league is really deep, that have been putting up points that could actually help your team. You can’t just let Eddie Lacy get a free pass because you drafted him in the first round.

As for Lacy, it’s kinda hard to ponder his role in the Packers offense going forward. This offense knows, that because of Aaron Rodgers, they can pretty much pass the ball at will. Why run the ball 25 times when you can just air it out with ease?

Simply put, Lacy isn’t getting enough touches right now, and when he does touch the ball, he isn’t doing much. James Starks is spending a lot of time in the backfield as a third down/receiving back, and it’s cutting into Lacy’s touches.

On the season, Lacy has 70 touches compared to Starks’ 63. Even though Starks got a lot of work when Lacy missed most of week two and three, it seems they are nearly splitting touches when they are both healthy.

If Lacy can’t start to consistently see 20 or so touches per game, he can’t be trusted in your lineup, and you need to look for alternatives. Even when the Packers have been near the goal line, they’ve handed it off to John Kuhn or just threw a pass.

Hopefully, you’ve set your roster up so you have a few serviceable running backs that can take Lacy’s place until further notice.

If not, it’s possible guys like Shane Vereen, Chris Thompson, Matt Jones, Charcandrick West, Antonio Andrews, Theo Riddick, Charles Sims, Duke Johnson and Darren McFadden are sitting on the waiver. If so, go grab them in the event that you do choose to bench a disappointing Eddie Lacy. Most of these running backs are more valuable in PPR leagues, but if they’re getting yards they can still help you out.

Fingers crossed Eddie Lacy turns this season around, maybe I’m overreacting because that’s what fantasy sports players do, but it is time to be concerned.

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