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James Harden is the NBA MVP

Whether or not the voters get it right, they probably won’t, but James Harden is the most valuable player in the NBA.

Steph Curry is the most popular player in the NBA at the moment, Drake is rapping about him, and there is probably pressure on the voters to vote for him. All that aside, Harden has thoroughly been more valuable to his team than Curry has.

Some people like to claim the MVP should go to the best player on the best team, but Harden is the best player on the third best team in the NBA so for this debate there really is no argument.

Glancing over the stats, their numbers put them on a level playing field.

Curry is clearly the better shooter at 48 percent from the field, and 43 percent from three. However, Harden averages four more points per game while only taking two more shots per game, but Harden is also a monster at getting to the free throw line with 10 per game.

The debate between Harden and the field, mostly Curry, isn’t about stats, but what about Harden does for his team. Curry is the best shooter in the NBA, and has made some of the best players in the NBA look foolish guarding him.

The difference is that Harden is the Rockets. They have Dwight Howard who has devolved into an immensely overrated player, and Josh Smith who is one of the least efficient players in the NBA.

Howard seems content with riding the pine to nurse injuries, and Josh Smith just does stuff. Who knows what he’s doing out there. The Rockets have big name player, but they’re players that just look good on paper.

On the other hand, the Warriors sport one of the best rosters in the NBA. The front office looks like geniuses for not trading Klay Thompson for Kevin Love, and Draymond Green is arguably the most well-rounded player in the NBA.

The roster is also filled with quality vets in Andrew Bogut and Andre Igoudala.

For depth the Rockets have Terrence Jones, Trevor Ariza, Jason Terry, Donatas Motiejunas, and Corey Brewer. Not bad, but Jones can’t seem to stay on the court, and how is Jason Terry still playing.

Prior to Jason Terry the Rockets usual starter Patrick Beverly is nice defensively, but is he really a key cog for a team with championship hopes.

It’s not to say the Rockets don’t have any talent besides James Harden, but they can’t be compared to what Steph Curry has around him.

Whether or not James Harden wins MVP it doesn’t really matter, with our without the reward he is the most valuable player on one of the three best teams in the NBA.

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