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Kyle Blanks Fantasy Baseball 2015

Kyle Blanks has been taunting fantasy owners for the past five or so years. Blanks is huge, like Bigfoot, and has a great track record of success in the minor leagues.

In 603 minor league games Blanks is triple-slashing .304/102/431. However, for some reason he just hasn’t put it together in the major leagues.

Whether it be injuries or just lack of playing time, it just hasn’t happened. In his six year career he’s never played more than 88 games.

Well, now Blanks is back in the majors with the Rangers forcing his supporters to consider adding him once again from the waiver wire. In three games Blanks is slashing .417/2/4. Obviously the sample size is too some to predict any success, but knowing what he’s done in the minors makes it difficult not to get excited.

What he’s done in two games is great, but what is his outlook for the rest of the season?

Banks was called up to replace the injured Mitch Moreland, whom is dealing with an elbow injury, and should miss about three weeks. Considering the environment Blanks could be useful for however long Moreland is actually out for.

Don’t be surprised if he keeps up a .300 average with a few more homers while he has the starting first base job once Moreland returns.

So, a few weeks of Blanks could be very useful, but there is not guarantee after that. However, in his favor Mitch Moreland hasn’t been much of a factor over his six year career.

Averaging out Moreland’s numbers over a 162 games season, he’s about a .250/20/70 hitter at best. Nothing much to get excited about.

If Blanks gets hot the Rangers shouldn’t have a problem benching Moreland in favor of him.

Also, Blanks has played a little bit of outfield in his career, and could be an option. The Rangers are currently starting Jake Smolinski in left field, and he hasn’t done much of anything. This could lead to Shin-Soo Choo, who is also struggling, to move over to left field with Blanks in right.

Whatever happens this is purely speculations. A lot of people, myself included, have been on the Blanks hype train for years, and it’d be great if he finally panned out.

Blanks could be a great short-term add in deep leagues that could eventually turn into something better.

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