League Winners Still Left on Your Waiver Wire

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Almost every year it seems like some random running back or receiver comes out of nowhere leading fantasy teams to a championship. A few years ago it was Arian Foster, and this year it’ll probably someone that’s just as obscure.

Fortunately, the guy that could win you your league just still might be on your waiver wire. Here are a few names to keep in mind when thinking of how you’re going to win your way to a championship.

Kenneth Dixon

The good thing about Kenneth Dixon is that he doesn’t need an injury to help his fantasy value. Sure, Terrence West getting hurt would probably be for the best, but if last Thursday was any indication, Dixon has a defined role in Baltimore’s offense.

In the Ravens’ 28-7 win over the Browns, Dixon ran the ball six times for 38 yards, and caught five of seven targets for 42 yards. With West struggling and being a less effective pass-catcher, Dixon got his most work on the season and looked better than West.

As I said, an injury to West would catapult’s Dixon fantasy value, but even if West hangs around for 10 touches a game, Dixon is the running back to own in PPR leagues. The Ravens don’t have the best group of receivers, and Dixon has clear ownership as the Ravens pass-catching running back.

Derrick Henry

I wasn’t going to mention Henry at all, but I did notice his ownership dipped below 50-percent in Yahoo leagues.

It’s clear that the Titans are going to force-feed DeMarco Murray, but if anything were to happen to Murray then Dixon immediately becomes a top 10 running back.

Henry hasn’t touched the ball much this year, but he was a monster against Jacksonville while pulling in 20 touches. If Henry stays healthy he won’t be worth much, but I’d hate to have to cross my fingers in hopes of getting him with a winning bid or anything less than the number one waiver priority.

Tyreek Hill

Hill is one of the most explosive players in the NFL and Andy Reid has made a point to get the ball in his hands on offense. In week 10, against Carolina, Hill caught 10 of 13 targets for 89 yards. You’d obviously like more yards, especially with 10 catches, but I assume most of his targets came from within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage.

As for Hill’s outlook, whenever Jeremy Maclin is out then he should be a decent player, but the Chiefs’ do have some fantasy-friendly matchups coming up. Between weeks 11 and 16, the Chiefs play the Buccaneers, Raiders, Titans, and Falcons. 

While the Chiefs don’t have the most prolific passing offense, Hill has a few nice matchups coming up and has the ability to turn a dead play into a 70-yard touchdown.

Adam Humphries

With Vincent Jackson out for the year, Humphries has been hit or miss the past few weeks but has seen a recent spike in targets. In his past two games, Humphries has 15 targets, 10 catches, 92 yards, and one touchdown. Not amazing, but not horrible either.

The reason he could lead you to a championship has everything to do with his upcoming schedule. In weeks 14 through 16, Humphries gets New Orleans TWICE!, Dallas, and San Diego.

Those are three amazing matchups, and Humphries should be a high-end WR3 at worst heading into the fantasy playoffs in a few weeks.

Robert Woods

Woods is one of the best blocking receivers in the NFL but doesn’t quite get the recognition he deserves as a receiver. He’s not the biggest or the fastest, but he’s a decent possession receiver that can make a few tough catches.

Woods posted a big week nine against the Seahawks with 162 yards and 10 catches. During the next few weeks, Woods gets Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Miami. Not too shabby at all, especially considering Woods is basically the only receiver the Bills have.

Eli Rogers

Rogers got a lot of attention before the season started, and following a decent week one performance, but fell off quite a bit before a week 9 resurrection.

In his past two games, Rogers has accumulated 15 targets, nine catches, 145 yards and one touchdown.

He has full ownership of the Steelers slot-receiver job and could see quite a few more targets going forward with Markus Wheaton and Darius Heyward-Bey out for the season.

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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I'm not hunting for Bigfoot I'm usually checking my fantasy team.

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