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    Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting Week 5: Boring Ol’ Robert Woods

    Embed from Getty Images Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting is aimed at giving owners advice on waiver targets that not everyone has their eye on. At this point, we all know we need to have Jordan Howard and others, so why not take a deeper look at your league’s waiver wire? When a starting running back or receiver […]

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    FanDuel Fortune Finder Week 4: We’re All Starting Jordan Howard

    Embed from Getty Images The best thing about Jordan Howard is that he isn’t Jeremy Langford. If you’ve been loitering around fantasy football news on Twitter, then you would know that Mike Clay of ESPN has always hated Jeremy Langford. Myself, like many others, probably wished they listened, but now we get Jordan Howard. Over […]

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    Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting Week 4: Adam Humphries

    Embed from Getty Images The purpose of this waiver wire column is to point out some lesser known free agent pick ups. We’re searching for Bigfoot! The thing is Bigfoot doesn’t really exist, or does he, but if someone were to find him it would be a huge discovery. Just like grabbing some random schmuck […]

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    FanDuel Fortune Finder Week 3: The Return of Brian Hoyer?

    Embed from Getty Images There are just some players, Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown being two of them, that just somehow wind up starting for their respective teams. As we know, Josh McCown saw his opportunity come and go with a shoulder injury, but now we get the fortune of watching Brian Hoyer start for […]

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    Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting Week 3: Grab Dwanye Washington

    Embed from Getty Images A long time ago, before the 2016 NFL Draft, I wrote that Dwayne Washington could be a potential late-round breakout running back. I foresaw him being the next Karlos Williams. Fast forward to week two of the NFL season, Zach Zenner has fallen out of favor and Ameer Abdullah could have […]

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    Week 2, Mostly Wrong, Fantasy Football Predictions

    1. Seth Roberts goes for 50 yards and a touchdown I’ve brought up Roberts twice this week so why not one more? My thinking is that Oakland vs. Atlanta has the chance to be a pretty high scoring game, and Desmond Trufant will be busy trying to stop Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. Because of […]

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    Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting: Add Jeremy Kerley

    Embed from Getty Images I don’t need to tell you to add Carson Wentz, Travis Benjamin, Tyrell Williams or Mohamed Sanu because you already know that. Hopefully, in Waiver Wire Bigfoot Hunting, we’re able to uncover a few more obscure targets to help you on your long road to a fantasy championship. 1. Jeremy Kerley […]

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    FanDuel Fortune Finder: Guess Whose Back?

    Embed from Getty Images FanDuel Fortune Finder is all about finding the best options in your daily fantasy games so that one day you’ll be as successful as Bradley C. Josh McCown – $6,000 McCown isn’t even the oldest starting quarterback in the league but it certainly seems like it. I feel like whenever he […]