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    Can Bills’ Dez Lewis Help your Fantasy Team in 2016?

    If you’ve been following the Bills recently, you would know that most of the talk has centered around Rex and Rob Ryan shenanigans, Sammy Watkins‘ leg injury and the potential breakout for second-year receiver Dezmin Lewis.

    For some background, Lewis is a 2015 seventh-round pick by the Bills that stands at a towering 6’4″ and weighs 214 pounds. He also ran a 4.46 40-yard dash with a 37-inch vertical jump at his pro day. Obviously, just by looking at him and seeing his measurables, he a physical specimen that should be able to outmatch smaller corners.

    The few knocks on Lewis a year ago were the poor level of competition he faced at Central Arkansas, his route running, and he didn’t always use his size to his advantage.

    All those issues were written a year ago, and now an entire year later it seems the former seventh-round pick has really upped his game.

    According to Rex Ryan, in the absence of Sammy Watkins, Dez Lewis has stood out the most amongst the other receivers.

    With Sammy Watkins still nursing his foot injury, Lewis’ competition has come from Leonard Hankerson and Greg Salas in the battle for the third receiver job. I’m assuming that Robert Woods has the number two job locked up and that Marquise Goodwin and Kolby Listenbee won’t see many snaps.

    So, with Dez Lewis performing so well, are we looking at someone that could potentially be worthy of a spot on your fantasy? Probably not, but you should at least take notice of him.

    The Bills aren’t the Steelers or the Cardinals with potentially three receivers worth starting at any given week, but I don expect the Bills to be more pass-heavy in 2016.

    Even though the Bills had the best rushing attack in the NFL in 2015, Tyrod Taylor showed more than enough promise that could potentially change Greg Roman’s play calling a bit in 2016.

    If the Bills are throwing the ball more and if Sammy Watkins does wind up missing a game or two earlier in the season, Dez Lewis could be someone that gets five to eight looks per game with plenty of red zone potential.

    It’s still too early for Dez Lewis to be anointed a legit fantasy sleeper, but if he can fend off Leonard Hankerson and if the Bills ramp up their passing offense, Lewis could be worth something.

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    Avoid Allen Robinson in your 2016 Fantasy Football Draft

    It’s always hard coming to terms with avoiding someone in your fantasy drafts that carried your team to a championship the previous year. In 2016, Allen Robinson is that player whose skyrocketing value makes him nearly undraftable.

    We all know what Robinson did in 2015, 80 catches for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. He only had six games without a touchdown, but still posted 80 yards or more in four of those games without a touchdown. Simply put, he was amazing and Blake Bortles consistently forced the ball his way for big plays and red zone scores.

    So, if Robinson was so good in 2015 then why am I so low on him this year?

    1. The Jaguars spent a lot of money to upgrade their defense and even brought in Chris Ivory which could greatly slower the pace in which they play. Last year, when the Jaguars were trailing, Robinson put up 57 catches for 1,045 and 11 touchdowns. 

    2. Piggybacking my previous point, Blake Bortles basically did all his damage in garbage time or when the Jaguars were down. Twenty-nine of Bortles’ 35 touchdowns came when the Jaguars were down and 14 of his touchdowns were made in the fourth quarter. The Jaguars will not be as bad in 2016 and they will likely try to wear defenses down with T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory in the event that the game is close or they are ahead.

    3. Even if the Jaguars are down in a lot of games in 2016, you just have to plan on natural regression and the possibility of the ball being spread out more. We all know Allen Hurns by now, but Marqise Lee is a weird entity that just hasn’t put it together but, if healthy, could get plenty more looks as a third receiver. Lastly, Julius Thomas is too much of a mismatch to only get 10 targets in the red zone, like he did in 2015, and could severely cut into Robinson’s touchdown production.

    Which Receivers Should you Take Instead of Robinson in the First or Second Round?

    On top of all those reasons, there are too many other good receivers with better outlooks that would be better picks late in the first or sometime in the second.

    For instance, Robinson and A.J. Green, according to Fantasypros, seem to be in a battle for the consensus sixth-ranked receiver. With all that Cincinnati has lost this offseason at receiver, I don’t see any way A.J. Green doesn’t sniff 170 targets and there is no one to even challenge him for targets other than Tyler Eifert.

    Keenan Allen is another receiver I’d take over Robinson. In five of the eight games that Allen played in, he was targeted 10, 13, 15, 17 and 18 times. It’s obviously hard to imagine Allen replicating those numbers in 2016, but when given the opportunity of two similarly ranked receivers I’m usually going to go with the guy I expect to get more targets.

    Lastly, I’d probably take Alshon Jeffery over Robinson but I wouldn’t necessarily love either. Like many, I’m a big fan of Alshon Jeffery, when he’s on his game and healthy he is as good as any receiver in the NFL. Unfortunately, when you draft Jeffery, you’re going to spend your Sundays waking up at 5 in the morning freaking out about him being a game-time decision. The one thing in Jeffery’s favor for 2016 is the fact he will likely play out the season under the franchise tag, so him staying healthy and putting up big numbers should be extremely important to him during his trek for a huge payday.

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    Must-have 2016 Fantasy Football Targets

    Matthew Stafford

    Considering how Stafford’s 2015 season started, it should be extraordinarily surprising that he finished with 32 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and completed 67 percent of his passes.

    Once Jim Bob Cooter took over, it was all systems go for Matthew Stafford and the passing game. Over the course of his final seven games, Stafford threw for 17 touchdowns and only one interception.

    The biggest question for Stafford, as we all know, is how he’ll deal with the loss of Calvin Johnson. Yes, Megatron was a special receiver, but I don’t think it will affect Stafford has much as people think.

    Golden Tate is no slouch and should be Stafford’s reliable receiver in 2016, just like he was in 2015. Also, Marvin Jones is a receiver that has just been waiting to get out of the shadow of A.J. Green for the past few years, and should solid be big play receiver with some red zone value. Fingers crossed Eric Ebron takes the next step in year three.

    Right now, it seems like Stafford is a quarterback being taken in the 15 to 20 range, that is a value I would pounce on.

    Ryan Tannehill

    It’s unlikely that owning Tannehill will let you sleep easy at night, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid him altogether. In my opinion, he and Matthew Stafford are two of the best quarterback bargains of 2016.

    Overall, 2015 was just a horrible season for the Dolphins and their starting quarterback. There were obvious issues with Joe Philbin and the rest of the team that obviously affected the way everyone was playing.

    Now, that isn’t to say Tannehill should get a pass just because no one liked his head coach. Often times, Tannehill looked lost and confused and I feel like every other week a snap was flying over his head and going out of the end zone.

    As bad as 2015 was, that’s all in the past now and Tannehill has a new head coach in Adam Gase. I don’t know how good Gase will be, after all, he did get to coach Peyton Manning when he was actually good, but Jay Cutler also had success in his system last year.

    The reasons to draft Tannehill are obvious, he’s a quarterback that should put up decent numbers, especially considering their running back situation isn’t exactly set, and he’s likely going outside of the top-20 quarterbacks.

    He’s got plenty of weapons and a new coach, so hopefully 2016 breathes new life into Tannehill’s career and fantasy value.

    Lamar Miller

    Most of the running backs that are ranked in the top 10 I have major concerns about, Lamar Miller is not one of them.

    I’ve spent a lot of time already writing about Lamar Miller, which you can reader here: Lamar Miller Will be a Top 5 Fantasy Running Back in 2016so I’ll keep this short.

    Finally, after two years of being underutilized in Miami, Miller heads to Houston where the plan is for him to be the centerpiece of the Texans’ offense. Word is, he’ll be involved plenty running the ball and catching passes out of the backfield.

    I have no qualms about drafting Miller as a top-five running in 2016 and fully expect him to get around 300 touches while consistently breaking off big runs.

    Latavius Murray

    Latavius Murray was supposed to do big things in 2015 but after a disappointing season it seemed like initially some of the Raiders coaches soured on him, but guess what? The only upgrade to their stable of running backs was drafting DeAndre Washington in the fifth round of the draft, so I think it’s safe to say Murray will once again be leading the Raiders rushing attack.

    Like I said, 2015 was disappointing for Murray considering he only averaged 4 yards per carry, and only had six touchdowns on 307 touches. While you’d obviously like more out of your running back, considering the way 2015 panned out for a lot of other backs, it really wasn’t so bad.

    You have to like Murray simply because the Raiders have arguably the best offensive line in football and his price tag isn’t likely going to be so high that you have to reach for him. It’s likely he’ll be one of the first 17 to 20 running backs off the board, which makes for a nice value for someone hoping to strike big on a freakish athlete with big potential.

    Jay Ajayi

    Thanks to Lamar Miller finding greener pastures in Houston, the door swung open for Jay Ajayi to snag Miami’s starting running back role.

    Right now, we don’t know much about how successful Ajayi is going to be, he’s only entering his second season, but he had a prolific career running the ball at Boise State.

    In three years there, he ran the ball 678 times for 3,796 rushing yards and 50 touchdowns. Keep in mind, most of those numbers were accumulated in his final two years after only 82 rushing attempts in his first season. So, yeah, he was pretty good.

    Like Murray, the Dolphins didn’t exactly address their running back situation in a way that is going to necessarily affect Ajayi. They drafted Kenyan Drake in the third round but right now he doesn’t necessarily profile as much more than a pass-catcher.

    Without anyone to take carries from him, Ajayi has all the makings of a potential fantasy steal that is going around the fifth or sixth round.

    A.J. Green

    Green has really become a younger version of Larry Fitzgerald over the past two years. He kinda just goes out, takes care of business, but just sorta stays behind the scenes amongst the more attention hungry NFL receivers. in 2016, Green is a player that fantasy owners need to make sure they target. As it stands, according to Fantasypros.com, Green and Allen Robinson are in a close battle for the consensus seventh-ranked receiver. Don’t get me started on Robinson just yet but I will surely be letting someone else snag him in 2016.

    In 2016, Green is a player that fantasy owners need to make sure they target. As it stands, according to Fantasypros.com, Green and Allen Robinson are in a close battle for the consensus seventh-ranked receiver. Don’t get me started on Robinson just yet but I will surely be letting someone else snag him in 2016.

    Anyway, the Bengals offense is going to look quite a bit different in 2016 with the loss of Marvin Jones and Mohammed Sanu. That’s 153 targets up for grabs that are going to go to who? Some will go to Brandon LaFell and Tyler Boyd, but I don’t see them making the impact that Jones and Sanu were making in 2015.

    A lot of responsibility is going to be placed on Green’s shoulders, especially with Tyler Eifert’s status up in the air for week one, and we just don’t know the type of rapport that Andy Dalton is going to build with his new weapons.

    Last year, A.J. Green only had 132 targets, which is low for a high-profile number one receiver these days, but I fully expect Green to get near 170 or so targets at least.

    With fantasy drafts getting closer, I’m completely comfortable drafting Green has a top-five receiver at the end of the first round.

    Sammy Watkins

    It has not been a pretty offseason for the Buffalo Bills, and Sammy Watkins’ foot injury made it quite a bit worse.

    The first part of 2015 was rough for Watkins as we saw him struggle for targets and eventually use the media to voice his concern about his lack of opportunities.

    Fortunately for him, Tyrod Taylor started forcing the ball his way and Watkins looked like a man amongst boys. Over his last six games, Watkins averaged 113 yards per game and caught six touchdowns.

    Despite having missed just three games in his career, Watkins does have an injury history, but his recent foot injury could make him a fantasy steal in 2016.

    Right now, experts are ranking Watkins inside the top 30, but he could fall to the fourth or even fifth round depending upon how your competition feels about drafting injured players. If it’s me, I have no problem spending a fourth round pick on Sammy Watkins.

    Behind Watkins, the Bills don’t have much besides Robert Woods and I expect the Bills to come out swinging on offense with Tyrod throwing the ball a lot more than he did in 2015. Even though you have to imagine the Bills defense is going to improve in 2016, I think Rex Ryan knows his job may be on the line if the Bills miss the playoffs,so, he’s going to want his offense scoring in droves.

    Golden Tate & Marvin Jones

    I am all in on the Lions offense in 2016 and that includes Golden Tate, Marvin Jones and tight end Eric Ebron.

    Calvin Johnson is a once-in-a-lifetime receiver, but I don’t think his retiring is going to have horrific effects on the Lions offense.

    With Johnson retiring there are going to be a lot of targets up for grabs, he accounted for 150 targets alone in 2015. Most of those targets are likely going to end up in the hands of Marvin Jones and Golden Tate.

    Tate will likely account for more than the 128 targets he got in 2015 and be a reliable outlet for Matthew Stafford. Also, even though Tate’s 2015 was impressive, he only averaged 9 yards per carry after averaging 14.2 yards per carry the last three years. I think we’ll see him grab 80 to 90 catches but also pass the 1000-yard mark.

    The only thing keeping Tate from a bonafide low-end WR2 is his lack of touchdown production, but that could change without Megatron in the fold.

    Then there’s Marvin Jones, who figures to be the big play, red zone threat that Calvin Johnson was for the past nine years.

    There’s not much to say about Jones other than he has made his fair share of big plays over the past two years and he’s jumping into an offense that really found it’s grove late in 2015. Go grab him or Golden Tate.

    Donte Moncrief

    There aren’t many receivers that will be drafted outside the top 20 overall receivers that have as much potential as Moncrief. The stage is set for a huge breakout season.

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Andrew Luck will be back in 2016 and as long as he doesn’t get hurt, everything should go as planned for Moncrief.

    Also, the Colts offense as a whole seems a little emaciated these days. Frank Gore isn’t what he used to be, Coby Fleener is gone and after Moncrief, their top two receivers are small speedsters. That’s not a knock on TY Hilton, but he just can’t be relied upon to do what Moncrief can do.

    Like I said Moncrief is one of the few post top 20 receivers that could actually have WR1 value. Do not let anyone in your league draft him, even if his value does skyrocket between now and late August.

    Ladarius Green

    Heath Miller has been a staple on offense for the Steelers over the past 11 season and his retirement opens a huge opportunity for newly signed Ladarius Green.

    In tandem with losing Miller, Martavis Bryant is also suspended for the season, creating an even bigger hole in the Steelers offensive game plan.

    Fear not, however, the Steelers went out and roped in one of the most intriguing and athletic tight ends in the NFL in Green.

    The fantasy community has been waiting for what seems like years for Green’s breakout season, but it never came thanks to Antonio Gates.

    Now in Pittsburgh, and thanks to a bit of uncertainty behind Antonio Brown, Green enters 2016 with a decent shot at being a top 10 tight end.

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    2016 NBA Mock Draft

    *With the NBA season still going, most of these picks are not accurate*

    qlpk0etqwelv8artgc7tvqefu1. Philadelphia: Brandon Ingram, Duke

    Ben Simmons is obviously very good too, but I was more impressed with Ingram throughout the season. The 76ers are already set up front with Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, and drafting Simmons would be overkill. Simmons is a versatile forward that can shoot, something the 76ers could use. To be honest, the 76ers would probably be smartest to trade down and draft Buddy Hield or simply take him first because their backcourt situation is so weak and they’ll be adding another forward when Dario Saric comes over.

    uig7aiht8jnpl1szbi57zzlsh2. LA Lakers: Ben Simmons, LSU

    The Lakers already have quite a few talented pieces and Simmons would form a solid foundation with DeAngelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson.

    3. Boston: Dragen Bender, International

    slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5oBender is held in high regard amongst the scouting community, though I don’t know much about him. The Celtics need a bit more help up front than they do in the backcourt, so right now I’d assume they’d go Bender over Hield.

    238437020144. Phoenix Suns: Henry Ellenson, Marquette

    This might seem high for Ellenson but I think as we get closer to the draft he’ll rise up draft boards, then again, I did think Christian Wood should have been a lottery pick so I’m probably wrong. Regardless, the Suns have a lot of backcourt talent and they’d be smart to add a big man that can shoot next to Alex Len.

    zq8qkfni1g087f4245egc32po5. Minnesota T’Wolves: Buddy Hield, Oklahoma

    I’m admittedly a huge Hield fan, and think he deserves to be a top-three pick. The T’Wolves are one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the NBA and it was even rumored the team tried to move on from Ricky Rubio. Whatever his role is, Hield will put up a lot of points.

    4962268120146. New Orleans Pelicans: Jamal Murray, Kentucky

    Murray had a huge freshman season at Kentucky scoring 20 points per game and hitting 40 percent of his threes. While the Pelicans could look for a small forward, they could lose Eric Gordon and Norris Cole in free agency. Murray could instantly become the Pelicans starting shooting guard and be an outlet for Anthony Davis against double-teams.
    xeti0fjbyzmcffue57vz5o1gl7. Denver Nuggets: Kris Dunn, Providence

    The Nuggets have a lot of talent and I’m not exactly sure what they plan to do with it all. Emmanuel Mudiay had his moments as a rookie and it’s possible they plan to move him to shooting guard and pair him with Dunn.
    8328. Sacramento Kings: Denzel Valentine, Michigan State

    This is probably high for Valentine because it simply seems people are aversed to drafting Seniors in the top-10. Still, Valentine is the perfect player for a Kings team that could be losing their starting point guard and don’t have any three-point shooting.
    227457820169. Toronto Raptors: Deyonta Davis, Michigan State

    It’s been nice to see Bismack Biyombo make himself so much money during the playoffs and him doing so will leave the Raptors with a big hole. Davis may not be able to replicate the effort that Biyombo plays with, but he may be the best rebounder/shot blocker left.
    2258275201610. Milwaukee Bucks: Skal Labissiere, Kentucky

    The relationship between Greg Monroe and the Bucks hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly, Labissiere could be his eventual replacement.

    wd9ic7qafgfb0yxs7tem7n5g411. Orlando Magic: Marquese Chriss, Washington

    Still only 18 years-old, Chriss still has a long way to go but may be one of the most talented players in the draft. He is somewhat similar to Aaron Gordon but probably has better offensive upside.
    m2leygieeoy40t46n1qqv055012. Utah Jazz: Domantas Sabonis, Gonzaga

    Sabonis is the ultra-athlete big man that a lot of teams like to draft but he is as good a rebounder and as fundamentally sound as they come. Sabonis would give the Jazz two quality big man off the bench with Trey Lyles.
    2384370201413. Phoenix Suns: Jaylen Brown, Cal

    Many would deem this too low for Brown, but if he’s there he could be a contributor for the Suns at small forward right away.

    hj3gmh82w9hffmeh3fjm5h87414. Chicago Bulls: Dejounte Murray, Washington State

    If anything, the Bulls could use a small forward or a versatile guard behind Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.

    xeti0fjbyzmcffue57vz5o1gl15. Denver Nuggets: Furkan Korkmaz, International

    Consider how much talent the Nuggets have and considering they could have three top-20 picks in this draft, Korkmaz wouldn’t have to come to the NBA right away.
    slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5o16. Boston Celtics: Malachi Richardson, Syracuse

    The Celtics could be losing Evan Turner in free agency, and while Richardson isn’t as versatile, he would offer a better scoring punch.

    17. Memphis Grizzlies: Wade Baldwin, Vanderbilt

    If Mike Conley bolts in free agency, the Grizzlies have to draft a point guard.
    307918. Detroit Piston: Chris LeVert, Michigan

    Could essentially be this drafts Evan Turner and the Pistons could use help at backup shooting guard and point guard.
    xeti0fjbyzmcffue57vz5o1gl19. Denver Nuggets: Thon Maker, High School

    Whoever the Nuggets draft here isn’t likely going to play much, so why not take a big swing?
    308320. Indiana Pacers: Ben Bentil, Providence

    I’m not exactly sure what Nate McMillan is planning on doing but the Pacers struck gold with Myles Turner in 2016. Bentil could be a versatile forward next to Turner.


    21. Atlanta Hawks: Taurean Prince, Baylor

    Would be an instant upgrade over Kent Bazemore and Thabo Sefolosha at small
    51201926201522. Charlotte Hornets: Diamond Stone, Maryland

    Al Jefferson isn’t getting any younger and the Hornets don’t have much depth up front.
    slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5o23. Boston Celtics: Timothe Luwawu, France

    With their fourth, yes fourth, first round pick, the Celtics grab someone that doesn’t have to come to the NBA right away.
    qlpk0etqwelv8artgc7tvqefu24. Philadelphia 76ers: Malik Beasley, Florida State

    Hollis Thompson and Nik Stauskas aren’t exciting options at shooting guard, Beasley had a really solid freshman season.
    bvv028jd1hhr8ee8ii7a0fg4i25: LA Clippers: Brice Johnson, UNC

    Could be Blake Griffin’s backup and eventual starter whenever Griffin wants to punch someone again.

    qlpk0etqwelv8artgc7tvqefu26. Philadelphia 76ers: Demetrius Jackson, ND

    The 76ers could be looking for a new point guard if they lose Ish Smith this summer.
    2274578201627. Toronto Raptors: Isaiah Whitehead, Seton Hall

    Eventual replacement for Demar Derozan if he leaves via free agency.
    2384370201428. Phoenix Suns: Stephen Zimmerman, UNLV

    The Suns have a lot of picks in this draft and you can never have enough big men with upside.

    82729. San Antonio Spurs: Damian Jones, Vanderbilt

    Who knows how long Tim Duncan will be around for, if he retires, they’ll need to find his replacement. Jones is nowhere the player Duncan is, obviously, but he could be a solid big man in the NBA.

    qhhir6fj8zp30f33s7sfb4yw030. Golden State Warriors: Michael Gbinije, Syracuse

    I suspect Harrison Barnes will be on a new team in 2016/17, I could see him wanting an opportunity to do more on a team. If that’s the case, Gbinije could be his replacement.

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    Late-Round 2016 NFL Draft Sleepers that Could Help your Fantasy Team

    Every year there are a few late round picks or even undrafted rookies that come out of nowhere and provide some fantasy impact. Last year, Karlos Williams and Stefon Diggs come to mind as two guys that were drafted in the fifth round or later that eventually carved out decent fantasy value.

    The 2016 NFL Draft will be no different, here are some sleepers that could find their way onto your fantasy team:

    1. Dwayne Washington, RB, Washinton

    Washington is someone that just never seemed to find his footing in college. Injuries played a big role causing Washington to never have consistent playing time which ultimately led to him losing his starting job.

    Still, in three years, Washington touched the ball 267 times and amassed 1722 total yards and 21 touchdowns. He certainly made the most of his touches.

    Injury history and numbers aside, like Karlos Williams, Washington is one of the bigger backs in the 2016 class. He’s 6’2,” 226 pounds with 4.44 speed.

    However, according to Lance Zierlein, we shouldn’t be fooled by his size because he isn’t exactly a powerful runner but he is a former receiver with solid enough hands to be a factor in the passing game.

    Washington is probably someone that could go in the sixth round based on measurables and his size/speed combo, but if he lands in the right situation, he could be an injury away from being an interesting fantasy option.

    2. Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

    The 2016 draft class is most notable for lacking any big time prospect with the size and speed combo that we’ve seen from receivers in recent draft classes.

    However, there are some guys like Louis, that have the size at 6’2″ and a 4.43 40 time but their tape doesn’t match their impressive measurables.

    In his three years at Auburn, Louis never had any eye-popping seasons, but in 2015 he did catch 46 passes for 716 yards and three touchdowns.

    Scouts, like Dane Brugler, diss Louis for his poor ball-skils and underdeveloped route tree, but in a class that doesn’t have the prototypical number one receiver, Louis stands out. Some team will come away intrigued by his combination of size and speed that could lead to a few big plays and long touchdowns in 2016.

    3. Darius Jackson, RB, Eastern Michigan

    After three years backing up Bronson Hill, Darius Jackson got an opportunity to headline Eastern Michigan’s backfield and he definitely made the most of his 229 touches. He finished 2016 with 1278 total yards and 16 touchdowns while averaging 5.2 yards per carry.

    To the naked eye, Jackson may not be much of an NFL prospect because of the program he’s coming from and the fact that he didn’t get a combine invite, but make no mistake, his size and speed should be intriguing to any NFL team.

    At the University of Michigan’s pro day, Jackson ran a 4.35 40 time while measuring in at 6’0,” 220 pounds.

    In a running back class without many big time athletes, Jackson stands out as someone worth taking a chance on in the NFL. And like Karlos Williams was, Jackson could only be an injury away from fantasy relevancy.

    4. Kyle Carter, TE, Penn State

    There was a period of time where Kyle Carter was an intriguing freshman at Penn State. In 2012, he caught 36 passes for 453 yards and two years. Pretty good for a freshman.

    However, over the course of the following three years, Carter never caught more than 18 passes and never surpassed 222 yards. After Bill O’Brien left, Carter and Christian Hackenberg never looked quite as good.

    Scouts are concerned about Carter’s route running ability and toughness, but again, in a poor tight end class, Carter’s size at 6’3″ and 4.64 speed could get some GM to pull the trigger in the seventh round.

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    Are the Bills Alienating Tyrod Taylor?

    It goes without saying, Tyrod Taylors is the best quarterback the Bills have had in a long time. A very long time.

    He came out of nowhere after sitting on the bench behind Joe Flacco for five years and turned in an impressive 24 touchdown and six interception season while completing 63.7 percent of his passes. He also went 8-6 as a starter.

    It was clearly an impressive season for someone without any starting experience in the NFL. Taylor consistently showed he had impressive arm strength when consistently hitting Sammy Watkins for big gains and he obviously has the speed and athleticism to make big plays with his legs. After just one season as a starter, he certainly showed more than enough to be considered the Bills starting quarterback going forward.

    He certainly isn’t without flaws, but when you’re being compared to the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick, EJ Manuel, Trent Edwards and J.P Losman, you’re going to look pretty good.

    So, what’s the problem then?

    Well, let’s keep in mind Taylor did sign a three-year contract that eventually became a two-year contract after Taylor hit certain triggers in playing time to have the third year voided. He’s on a really cheap deal and guys like Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum and Shaun Hill earn more than him.

    So, obviously, Tyrod Taylor and his agent want more money after an impressive 2015 season.

    In every interview this offseason, GM Doug Whaley has consistently said he would, “never say never,” to a contract extension with Taylor as long as the deal was something both sides agree on.

    We obviously don’t know what’s going on behind-the-scenes, but Whaley isn’t exactly going out of his way to let people know he truly thinks Taylor is the franchise quarterback for the Bills.

    Since Whaley is in the middle of contract negotiations with Taylor’s agent, he obviously won’t be going out of his way to drive up the price when discussing Taylor with the media. It’s pretty simple contract negotiation tactics.

    Recently, the Bills have been linked to just about every quarterback in the 2016 class. They’ve supposedly scouted Carson Wentz more than anyone else, they’ve suggested that Kevin Hogan is the best fit for their offense and they are supposedly enamored with Cardale Jones. They also have met extensively with Paxton Lynch.

    We know, it’s draft season and this could all be a smokescreen, but the Bills might be being to careful with Tyrod Taylor.

    It’s no secret, the Bills have been historically bad when trying to find a starting quarterback. Most recently, Doug Whaley had one of the worst first-round picks of all-time in EJ Manuel and he probably doesn’t want to recreate a similar situation by signing Taylor to a huge contract only to find out he was just a one-year wonder.

    Who knows what’s really going on, but Taylor’s agent recently ripping into Rex Ryan and the defense makes me, at least, think both sides clearly aren’t on the same page.

    It’s a tough situation for both sides. Taylor and his agent want to cash out after a big 2015 season and Doug Whaley wants to play it safe. Neither side is wrong.

    Whatever happens, the Bills better hope they don’t create more quarterback drama that could result in them being without a true starting quarterback in 2017.

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    2016 NFL Mock Draft

    Early look at the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft

    Visit these NFL Mock Draft Databases:
    Fueled By Sports
    DC Pro Sports Report

    10291. LA Rams: Jared Goff, QB

    The Rams gave up a lot, probably way too much, but here they are at number one. They are going to take a quarterback, it’s just a question of which one.

    9602. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz, QB

    We’re still a week away from the draft and we’ve already gotten two big trades. Even with Sam Bradford and the newly signed Chase Daniel, the Eagles wouldn’t have traded up this high to draft anything but a quarterback.

    8e1jhgblydtow4m3okwzxh67k3.San Diego Chargers: DeForest Buckner, DE

    This pick seems to be gaining a lot of steam lately and it looks like Buckner could go over Ramsey and right now it’s hard to tell what the truth is. Either pick would be a good addition to the Chargers defense.

    4064. Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey, DB

    The Cowboys may be forced to draft Joey Bosa due to the suspension of Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence. My guess is that Ramsey is higher on their draft board, so he’s the pick.

    159885620135. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joey Bosa, DE

    The Jaguars have been linked to Myles Jack a lot, but his knee injury has caused a lot more concern since his medical re-check. Linebacker is probably a bigger need, but the Jaguars could still add a pass rusher given question marks surrounding Dante Fowler.

    3186. Baltimore Ravens: Laremy Tunsil, T

    Tunsil really won’t be benefitting with the Eagles and Rams trading up. Once a first overall pick, Tunsil could slide out of the top-five.

    179945520097. San Francisco 49ers: Ronnie Stanley, T

    I’m not sure how the 49ers feel about Jack’s knee, but he could be the pick if Buckner is gone. The 49ers offensive line was horrible in 2015 and Stanley could start at right tackle and eventually move to the left.

    155785520158. Cleveland Browns: Vernon Hargreaves, CB

    The Browns could take Stanley here, but their secondary needs a lot of work. Joe Haden might be a big name, but he was really bad in 2015 even before his concussions.

    176367020149. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: William Jackson III, CB

    It seems almost universally accepted that Vernon Hargreaves is going to be the pick here. Well, in my mock the Browns take Hargreaves leaving the Buccaneers to take Jackson III. I don’t think this is a bad pick, considering the need, and Jackson checks all the boxes physically that Hargreaves doesn’t.

    91910. New York Giants: Jack Conklin, T

    The Giants did a pretty solid job of improving their defense through free agency, leaving their first round pick a bit harder to predict. At this point, their top three needs are on the offensive line, linebacker, and running back. It may be a bit too early for Ezekiel Elliott, but it could happen.

    36411. Chicago Bears: Ezekiel Elliott, RB

    Well, Elliott recently said himself that the Bears love him. I’ll take his word for it.

    90712. New Orleans Saints: Sheldon Rankins, DL

    The Saints could use a playmaker on defense, and Rankins is one of the hottest prospects in this draft. He’s drawn pretty big comparisons over the past few weeks to Aaron Donald and other interior defensive linemen.

    1504105201313. Miami Dolphins: Myles Jack, LB

    No one really knows what is going on with Jack’s knee right now. Reports say the Dolphins have been hoping that Jack falls to them, so for now, he’s the pick.

    g9mgk6x3ge26t44cccm9oq1vl14. Oakland Raiders: Darron Lee, LB

    The Raiders checked all the boxes in free agency and now their biggest need is grabbing another linebacker. They might go the more traditional route with Reggie Ragland, but Lee is on another level athletically.

    105315. Tennessee Titans: Taylor Decker, T

    The Titans pulled off a really great trade to move down to 15 overall. They could grab a tackle or defensive back here.

    cwuyv0w15ruuk34j9qnfuoif916. Detroit Lions: Mackensie Alexander, CB

    Right tackle is arguably a bigger need but why not add a better companion to Darius Slay in the secondary?

    29917. Atlanta Falcons: Leonard Floyd, LB

    Floyd has been getting as much buzz as anyone in the draft right now. A lot of people say he’s a top 10 pick, I have no idea if he is, but I wouldn’t take him in the 10.

    59318. Indianapolis Colts: Shaq Lawson, DE

    Lawson is an interesting prospect because at one point he seemed like a fringe top-5 pick then his stock cooled a bit, and now he’s back on the upswing. I still think this may be too low for Lawson, but he’d be a great addition to the Colts pass rush.

    smew19. Buffalo Bills: Noah Spence, DE

    Noah Spence is every bit as talented as Joey Bosa but he does come with some extra baggage. The Bills were horrible at getting to the quarterback in 2015 and Spence would form a nice partnership with Jerry Hughes.

    v7tehkwthrwefgounvi7znf5k20. New York Jets: Paxton Lynch, QB

    I doubt Lynch makes it this far, but in a mock without trades, this is where he lands.

    im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq21. Washington Redskins: Laquon Treadwell, WR

    The Redskins have quite a few needs on defense but they also need to grab a reliable playmaker on offense. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon aren’t guaranteed to return which means the Redskins are going to need another reliable option next to Jordan Reed.

    57022. Houston Texans: Jarran Reed, DE

    This was probably the most difficult pick to make in the draft, but I wound up if the Texans can’t re-sign Jared Crick, they’ll need to add to the defensive line.

    1722704201323. Minnesota Vikings: Josh Doctson, WR

    The Vikings addressed offensive line with the signing of Alex Boone. They could still add more to the line, but with the release of Mike Wallace, the Vikings have next to nothing behind Stefon Diggs.

    40324. Cincinnati Bengals: Andrew Billings, DT

    Wide receiver is a big need for the Bengals, but it’s not like they don’t have A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert. Billings is a stud defensive tackle in the making, so why reach for a receiver in round one?

    97025. Pittsburgh Steelers: Eli Apple, DB

    The Steelers have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, drafting a cornerback in the first two rounds is a must.

    pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv26. Seattle Seahawks: Jason Spriggs, T

    The Seahawks offensive line was a disaster for the most part of the 2015 season. They could also be looking for a new left tackle if the can’t re-sign Russell Okung.

    dcy03myfhffbki5d7il327. Green Bay Packers: Reggie Ragland, LB

    Despite a few decent moments from Jake Ryan in 2015, Green Bay has next to nothing at middle linebacker.

    85728. Kansas City Chiefs: A’Shawn Robinson, DT

    Cornerback is a bigger need but there isn’t one here that wouldn’t be a reach. Robinson would be a nice addition the Chiefs defensive line.

    cardinals29. Arizona Cardinals: Robert Nkemdiche, DT

    If there’s one coach that has his business in order, it’s Bruce Arians. The Cardinals defensive line is a bit weak, and Arizona would be the perfect place for Nkemdiche to put the past behind him.

    f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u30. Carolina Panthers: Karl Joseph, S

    The Panthers need help in the secondary desperately, and though cornerback may be a bigger need, I’m not sure Artie Burns is worth taking over Joseph.

    319ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp. Denver Broncos: Vernon Butler, DT

    With Malik Jackson gone, the Broncos need to find a defensive linemen to pair with Derek Wolfe.


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    Patriots Trade Chandler Jones to Cardinals

    Just when it seemed we were getting a lull in free agency, the Patriots and Cardinals completed a trade sending Chandler Jones to Arizona for Jonathan Cooper and a second round pick.

    On paper, the Cardinals are obviously getting the better player here and they also desperately needed a pass rusher. Jones has racked up 36 sacks in his first 55 games and is going to seriously improve an already great Arizona defense.

    It’s a great trade for the Cardinals, even though they’ll have to pay Chandler a lot of money in 2017, but it’s also a decent move for the Patriots.

    Like I said, Jones is going to get paid a lot of money next offseason and the Patriots probably don’t want to pay him. Also, Jones recently had an issue with synthetic marijuana, so there are some red flags there.

    Regardless, the Patriots got a second round pick and a talented guard in Jonathan Cooper that could turn out to be a steal in this trade.

    While Jones should make an immediate impact on the Cardinals, there should be quite a few pass rushers in the second round of the 2016 draft that the Patriots can snag to replace jones.

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    Who Gained the Most Fantasy Value Thanks to Free Agency?

    Marvin Jones

    A lot of people have been hyping Jones for the past two years, and he’s been good, but it’s hard putting up big numbers sharing an offense with A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu, Tyler Eifert and two decent running backs.

    Finally breaking away from Cincinnati, Jones gets to replace arguably the best receiver over the past nine season. Jones isn’t that good, but in terms of fantasy, he is replacing a guy that racked up 146 targets per season in his nine-year career.

    Considering the targets that Johnson is leaving behind, Jones should step in and be a decent WR2. Also, in my opinion, Matthew Stafford is a better quarterback with a bigger arm than Andy Dalton, and should be able to create better opportunities for Jones to make plays. Johnson’s retirement also opens the door for more action for Golden Tate and Eric Ebron.

    Lamar Miller

    I think I’ve written about three articles on Miller since his deal with the Texans and I’m not stopping there! Over the past three years in Miami, Miller has been an underutilized playmaker that was a boom or bust fantasy running back because of his lack of touches. I’m done writing about the past, it’s all about the fantasy goodness that’s about to come for Miller.

    As, I wrote already, I fully expect Miller to be the centerpiece of Houston’s offense. I’ve already predicted he’ll be a top-five running back in 2016. He’s going to have zero competition from Alfred Blue and if Bill O’Brien is smart, unlike the coaches in Miami, he’ll feed Miller the ball with no remorse.

    DeMarco Murray

    After being someone that I’ve avoided like the plague since he entered the league, I guarantee this is the year I wind up overdrafting him.

    Last year, Murray looked like a completely different running back after a year in which he touched the ball 449 times. That, coupled with whatever the heck was going on in Philadelphia with Chip Kelly created what wound up being a hugely disappointing fantasy season.

    Now on the Titans, Murray will have a clear path to atleast 250 to 300 touches, if he can stay healthy. I’m not expecting huge, earth-shattering numbers like in 2014, but I think Murray will plod his way to 1500 total yards and eight to ten touchdowns.

    Coby Fleener & Dwayne Allen

    In the 2012 draft, the Colts got cute and drafted Fleener and Allen in the second and third rounds. Since joining the Colts together, neither was really able to do much of anything to become a reasonable fantasy starter except for Fleener’s 2014 season. Allen seemed to always be injured and both dealt with a horrible quarterback situation in 2015.

    Now, Allen has the Colts tight end job to himself, and if he can stay healthy, he could have a decent season and catch a few touchdown passes. However, I wouldn’t expect anything better than something along the lines of what we’ve been getting from Heath Miller for the past few seasons.

    As for Fleener, he now goes to a team that has been extremely fantasy-friendly to tight ends over the past few years. We all know what Jimmy Graham was able to do and even Ben Watson came back from the dead to catch 74 passes from Drew Brees in 2015.

    While I’m not so high on Allen, I think Fleener has an opportunity to be a top-eight fantasy tight end in 2016. After releasing Marques Colston, the Saints don’t have much proven receiving depth behind Brandin Cooks. Because of that, Fleener could slide right in and do exactly what Ben Watson was able to do last year but just a little bit better.

    Ronnie Hillman

    As I’m writing this, the Broncos still have a few days to match C.J. Anderson‘s offer sheet from the Broncos, but I’d don’t think they’ll match. If that’s the case, Hillman could wind up being the primary ball-handler in Gary Kubiak‘s running back friendly offense.

    Some may be concerned that Kubiak will go RBBC in 2016, but I don’t think the Broncos are in a position to do that. Thanks to free agency and an up in the air QB situation, the Broncos have quite a few holes that they’ll need to fill through the draft. They won’t have the luxury of taking a running back early to challenge Hillman for snaps. Sure, Kubiak could do something crazy and start some random undrafted rookie but I don’t see it happening.

    In 2016, I expect Hillman to lead the Broncos in carries with Juwan Thompson spelling him on occasion.

    *So, the Broncos are going to match the offer sheet, which will once again force a RBBC between Anderson and Hillman. So, I guess Jay Ajayi is the winner now.

    Ryan Mathews

    A lot of people, myself included, were scratching their heads once Mathews signed with Philadelphia even though they already brought in DeMarco Murray.

    Thanks to so many running backs, there was a lot of drama, but it was clear that Mathews was the best of the bunch. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry on 106 carried and racked up seven touches. He missed three games, but he was clearly the best running back when he was on the field.

    One would presume that Mathews is going to be starting and getting a ton of touches in Doug Pederson’s new offense, but the question marks with Mathews always revolved around his health. He just can’t seem to stay healthy enough to ever be an accountable fantasy running back.

    Still, with Murray gone and the backfield seemingly all to himself, Mathews could redeem himself. Just make sure you draft whoever winds up being his immediate backup as well.

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    Which Teams Won Free Agency 2016?

    Chicago Bears

    Very quietly, the Chicago Bears have had a very solid showing in free agency so far.

    In 2015, they had a horrible group of linebackers and were a revolving door at the position with guys like Shea McClellin, John Timu, Christian Jones, Jonathan Anderson and a few others.

    Right off the bat, the Bears went ahead and fixed their linebacker situation completely with the signings of Danny Trevathan and Jerrell Freeman.

    Excluding an injury-plagued 2014, Trevathan was a staple in the middle for the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos for most of the past three years. According to PFF, Trevathan was the sixth rated linebacker in 2015 and should jump right in and be an asset on both run and pass defense.

    Not only did the Bears sign the best free agent linebacker available, they also signed the second best linebacker available in Jerrell Freeman. Again, Bears linebackers were horrible in 2015 and now they have two legitimate starters in Vic Fangio’s defense.

    Also, the team went out and upgraded the offensive line by signing Bobby Massie away from the Cardinals. Massie isn’t exactly a stud tackle, but he’s decent, and his contract is only $18.5 million dollars over three years and $6.5 million guaranteed. Not a bad signing at all, and he seems pretty excited to be playing alongside Kyle Long.

    Lastly, the Bears deserve kudos for not re-signing Matt Forte to some horrible contract, even though he’s been great for them for the past eight years.

    Houston Texans

    We’ll get to the teams that had big money to spend in free agency eventually, but like the Bears, the Texans made a few key moves that could help them reach the playoffs again in 2016.

    For starters, they went ahead and signed the number one free agent quarterback in Brock Osweiler. Is Osweiler a legitimate franchise quarterback that will live up to his $72 million dollar contract? Maybe, but he’s worth the risk for a Texans team that has an up-and-upcoming defense and a few big-time talents on offense.

    Osweiler’s eight-game stint for the Broncos wasn’t overly impressive, but he has the arm talent to be a solid starter for at least the duration of his contract in Houston. Also, signing Osweiler allows Houston to go in another direction with their first two picks in the 2016 draft.

    In addition to Osweiler, the Texans were able to pull in the most explosive playmaker available in Lamar Miller. Some may argue that Doug Martin or Alshon Jeffery are better respectively, but I’d personally rather have a 24-year-old with Miller’s talent.

    Miller and Osweiler weren’t the only offensive additions Houston made, after losing Brandon Brooks the front office went ahead and snagged Jeff Allen as his replacement. Allen is a somewhat under the radar signing, but when factoring his price tag and performance in 2015, a lot of people would rather have Allen over Brooks.

    Somehow the Texans were a playoff team that collapsed under Brian Hoyer‘s horrible play. Despite teams in their division, most notably the Jaguars, getting better, Houston should be clawing their way into another playoff spot thanks to the talent they have added.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    The Jaguars had a lot of money to spend and went out and spent it. They signed the top player available in Malik Jackson and immediately bulked up their defensive line. Obviously, that wasn’t all they did defensively, they also were able to bring in Prince Amukamara on a one year deal and Tashaun Gipson on a five-year, 35.5 million dollar deal. Defensively, the Jaguars should have one of the most improved units in 2016 and finally make Gus Bradley look like the defensive genius many thought he was in Seattle.

    They also brought in Chris Ivory, albeit they did overpay him, but they should be a much more successful team running the ball after T.J. Yeldon didn’t’ quite look like he could handle lead running back duties as a rookie.

    Oakland Raiders 

    Like the Jaguars, the Raiders had a boatload of money to spend and went out and addressed a few core needs.

    While I wasn’t blown away by the Bruce Irvin signing, Sean Smith and Kelechi Osemel are two huge additions for Oakland. Smith was a signing that I think surprised of people and he should pair well with David Amerson.

    Also, the Raiders already had an okay offensive line in 2015, and adding Osemele could shoot them up quite a few spots in the rankings.

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    Lamar Miller Will be a Top 5 Fantasy Running Back in 2016

    Maybe I’m just drunk with the excitement of free agency, but it’s hard to not get excited about what Lamar Miller can potentially do with the Texans.

    For Miller, 2015 was a difficult season in a horrible offense that never seemed to get the ball in their top playmakers hands.

    Miller, who is still only 24-years-old, ran the ball 194 times for 872 yards and eight touchdowns. On top of that, there were seven games last year where Miller only ran the ball 10 times or less. It was a constant back and forth battle hoping that Joe Philbin or Dan Campbell would finally let Miller lose.

    Whatever happened with the Dolphins is in the past now, and Miller is probably now on a team that is actually going to use him.

    Under Bill O’Brien, the Texans are a team that ran the ball a lot in 2015 even after Arian Foster went down. Last year, Texans runnings backs ran the ball a total of 418 times but only managed five touchdowns and 4.0 yards per carry.

    Also, all year, the Texans only had seven total runs of 20 yards or more. In comparison, Lamar Miller had seven runs himself of 20 yards or more.

    Miller has 4.40 speed, he is surely going to be busting a lot of big plays for the Texans in 2016 and beyond.

    Accompanied with his speed and running ability, Miller is also a running back that can do a lot of damage in the receiving game.

    Last year, on the limited touches he was getting, Miller caught 47 passes for 397 yards and two touchdowns. That’s good for 8.4 yards per carry and he also had six receptions go for 20 yards or more.

    Last year, Texans running backs were targeted 113 times in the passing game compared to Miller’s 57 on the Dolphins.

    It’s safe to say Miller won’t be coming in and getting close to 100 plus targets like Matt Forte does or Devonta Freeman did last year, but he is surely going to be the focal point of the offense. As long as he doesn’t get hurt, there really isn’t going to be another running back fighting for touches.

    Currently, Jonathan Grimes and Chris Polk are free agents and they were both the backs that were used in the passing game. Alfred Blue is still on the roster, but he only had 16 targets in 2015. Blue won’t be getting in the way of Miller being a great running back in standard and PPR leagues.

    So, we know how good Lamar Miller is now, but how good is his supporting staff in Houston?

    For starters, the Texans just landed Brock Osweiler on a four-year, $72 million dollar contract.

    After replacing Peyton Manning for a portion of the 2015 season, Osweiler had his moments but he also struggled at times. He had good performances against the Patriots, Bears and Steelers but didn’t do much otherwise. Also, in five of the eight games he started, he averaged less than seven yards per completion.

    Struggles aside, Osweiler’s arm strength is much better than Brian Hoyer and it should make defenses worried about big plays down the field versus stacking against the run. Also, the Texans have a few intriguing weapons behind stud DeAndre Hopkins including Jalen Strong and Cecil Shorts. It’s not as good as the combination of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders just yet, but don’t be surprised if Strong busts out in 2016.

    The quarterback and passing should be much better than what Miller was dealing with on the Dolphins, but how well will his new offensive line create running lanes for him?

    For starters, according to Pro Football Focus, the Dolphins were 32nd in run-blocking and the Texans were 24th. Neither were overly impressive.

    In 2015, the Duane Brown was dealing with quite a few nicks and bruises, including a concussion, but should be back to 100 percent after tearing his quad late in the season.

    Brown aside, the offensive line will head into 2016 with Jeff Allen replacing Brandon Brooks at guard. Brooks got a big contract to go to Philadelphia, but with Allen replacing him, they probably won’t miss him much. As long as everyone stays healthy, and if Xavier Su’a-Filo can take the next step, Houston’s run game should be in pretty good shape.

    Let’s also keep in mind, a good running back goes a long way in making a good offensive line. A hobbled and breaking down Arian Foster with Alfred Blue, Jonathan Grimes and Chris Polk isn’t going to help an offensive line much, if at all. Miller has the speed and shiftiness to turn anything into a big play.

    On paper and with Brock Osweiler, the Texans are a much better offense than what Miller was dealing with in Miami. As long as he can stay healthy and everything clicks, Miller should be on his way to being a top 5 running back in 2016.


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