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Rating the NFL Draft Experts

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Phil Romans via Flickr
Phil Romans via Flickr

Mel Kiper

Kiper is the belle of the ball in terms of NFL Draft experts. He essentially created the zoo that is the NFL draft, and has provided football fans with some of the greatest entertainment. However, how does he stack up in the categories:

Hair/Appearance: 2/5

Kiper’s hair honestly leaves a lot to be desired. His hair somewhat resembles Jersey Shore’s own Pauly D and a triceratops. It isn’t pretty, but you have to respect that he has owned this style for years. Also, his hair seems to always hold its shape, and Kiper deserves points for that. He must spend hours meticulously gelling, combing, and hair spraying it.

Entertainment: 5/5

Kiper has been great TV for as long as he has been on ESPN. His arguments with Todd McShay are timeless treasures, and GMs and coaches reactions to him are classic. Kiper speaks his mind, and if you don’t it he doesn’t care. Also, let’s not discount Kipers physical performance. He continually makes hand gestures to get his point across, and displays true heated emotion. When McShay disagrees with him you can see his face turn, and hear his voice raise to take charge. Kiper is a true performer.

Accuracy: 4/5 *Using The Huddle Report Mock Draft Scores*

How can you really judge these guys honestly? They make predictions on players that may not pan out in a few years, and when they are wrong they immediately lose all credibility. According to the draft score Kiper is the sixth best draft expert over the past five years. Not bad. Though I can think of a handful of times where he missed such as with Jimmy Clausen, but he has also been right quite a few times.

Daniel Jeremiah

Jeremiah is the sexy foreign exchange student of the NFL Draft experts. He’s been on the NFL Network plugging away the past few years, but has really begun to take the scene by storm.

Hair/Appearance: 3/5

Jeremiah’s hair is okay. Though it ranks higher than Kiper’s, it isn’t as polarizing. DJ’s hair is very average, and I wouldn’t be surprise if he gets it cut at ‘Great Clips.’ That isn’t a bad thing. Also, his hair has clearly begun thinning, and his widow’s peak is really beginning to take center stage. It will be interesting to see how DJ sculpts his hair as its quality begins to decline.

Entertainment: 4/5

Jeremiah is not as fun or as engaging on t.v. as Kiper, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good t.v. Jeremiah is a new-age draft expert, and his scope goes beyond just the NFL Network. While Kiper is like a dormant volcano from May to January, Jeremiah is an active part of the draft community on Twitter. Kiper probably doesn’t even know how to use a computer. Jeremiah is always on Twitter and engaging fans. Unlike Kiper, Jeremiah isn’t a true thespian on the set, but you can truly see that he cares and puts time into his work.

Accuracy: 4/5

Jeremiah is currently unranked  on The Hudle Reports Rankings, not sure why, but maybe due to his sample size being so small. Also, it is seemingly impossible to find any of his mocks prior to 2015 at this point. Regardless, Jeremiah is a trustworthy source of draft information. He actually played football in college, and was a scout for the Baltimore Ravens.

Todd McShay

Todd McShay is the other draft expert that you can find on ESPN. McShay has been with ESPN since 2006, and can usually be found arguing with Mel Kiper.

Hair/Appearance: 2/5

McShay’s hair is okay, but let’s talk about that horrible fake tan. I don’t know what is brighter McShays tan or a flaming hot cheeto. McShay is clearly trying too hard to look good on the camera, and it takes away from his performance. Todd, please not this year?

Entertainment: 3/5

McShay is the boring guy of the group. Sure, he’ll spar a few rounds with Kiper here and there, but other than that he really only has one gear. Additionally, it’s evident that McShay is projecting his voice a bit to sound a little more masculine to mask his unimaginative delivery. At 37 he is still very young, but if he wants to ever replace Mel Kiper as the face of the draft he needs an injection of life.

Though he is considerably boring, McShay gets points for hanging in there with Kiper, and is an active participant when ESPN wants to parody the draft.

Accuracy: 3/5

McShay is unranked on The Huddle Reports ranking for both 2014 and in the past five years. However, one must appreciate that McShay is fairly cautious with his mock drafts, and isn’t releasing a new one every week. That should be respected, and a clear indicator he isn’t trying to get clicks. He changes his drafts when he has to, but doesn’t go overboard months before.

Dane Brugler

It’s hard to find personal info about Brugler on the Internet, but he is clearly the youngest of the bunch. If you didn’t know Brugler is a Senior Draft Analyst for CBS Sports and NFLDraftScount (which redirects to CBS).

Hair/Appearance: 4/5

Brugler obviously has youth on his side, but that is no laughing matter here. Brugler’s hair is well-maintained, and it’s clear he takes consistent trips to the salon. Brugler’s hair is shaved on the side, but is delicately spiked on top which is a nice playful touch.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Brugler took excellent care of his cuticles.

Entertainment: 2/5

Brugler isn’t in front of the camera as much as the other three, and if you visit CBS Sports their videos auto-play so you probably mute them like me. He does have some interviews on YouTube, and he doesn’t come away as funny or as energetic as the others. However, there is a patience to his delivery which is almost Shakespearean. With a bit more seasoning Brugler will probably improve.

Though his on-camera work may lack, like Daniel Jeremiah, Brugler is a social media maven. He is very active on twitter, and consistently replying to tweets which is a must.

Accuracy: 4/5

Brugler is also absent from The Huddle Report, but according to Blogging the Boys he accurately predicated 27 of 32 picks in 2013. There isn’t much grading to go on, but it’s important to note that Brugler writes great scouting reports which can be found on CBS.

Mike Mayock

Mike Mayock is the granddad of the bunch, he’s the one that is going to tell you to get the hell of his lawn. Mayock played football in the early 80’s, and has been with NFL Network since 2005. People love Mayock, and when he talks people listen.

Hair: 4/5

Mayock’s hair is the second best of the bunch. It is graying, but it looks good here. Also, it’s safe to assume his hairline is receding, but he is rocking a very crisp combover that must respected. Overall, Mayock’s hair is a no-frills look, which is good, and sometimes hair is best when it goes unnoticed.

Entertainment: 4/5

Mayock may be the grandfather of the bunch, but he is a very hip one at that. Mayock is a grand performer, and he takes advantage when the eyes are on him. He conveys seriousness and knowledge, but if you were watching the combine you’d know he also brings the funk.

Mayock doesn’t get into the types of arguments that Kiper might, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is good t.v., and people love good t.v.

Accuracy: 3/5

According to The Huddle Report, Mayock is the 36th best mock drafter in the past five years, and 47th best from 2014. Honestly, these aren’t good numbers, and it’s even more interesting because Mayock only puts one mock out per year. It may have gotten to the point where people like Mayock just because of seniority, and he conveys his knowledge of prospects adequately. This is a disappointing rating for Mayock.


It appears the NFL Network has leg up in terms of talent with their draft experts. Over the course of the next few years it wouldn’t be surprising to see Daniel Jeremiah usurp the role of top draft expert from the likes of Kiper and McShay. As for McShay, one could expect that he is going to fade into the background in the next couple of years. It just doesn’t seem like he has the staying power of Jeremiah.

Also, Dane Brugler is an interesting name, and his star could shine brighter if he ever gets a bigger on-camera role. CBS does provide a lot of video content, however they sort of force you to watch it which is somewhat annoying. That isn’t Brugler’s fault.

As for the elder-statesmen of the group, Kiper and Mayock are the best of the bunch in terms of television. The NFL draft can be long and somewhat boring, but these two inject life into the event with their passion for the draft. Either may not have more than five years left in the tank, but let’s enjoy them while we have them.


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Written by Chris

Creator of Bigfoot Sports. When I’m not hunting for Bigfoot I’m usually checking my fantasy team.

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