Richie Incognito Gains 9.4 Pounds on Thanksgiving

If you didn’t know, Pro Bowl center for the Bills, Eric Wood, holds a weight gain competition on Thanksgiving.

Last year, Richie Incognito won the competition by gaining over 10 pounds. It’s safe to say there probably aren’t many leftovers for the patented post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.

In comparison, Wood gained a measly 8.4 pounds in 2015 after winning the competition in 2014.

So, you’re all probably wondering who won this year’s competition.

Well, it looks like Richie Incognito is celebrating back to back victories with a 9.4-pound weight gain.

This was a grueling battle between two of football’s finest that was filled with plenty of trashing talking.


It’s clear these two take Thanksgiving seriously. I should note, Woods’ numbers haven’t been made public to the media, so one could assume he’s embarrassed by his performance.

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