Richie Incognito Gains Over 10 Pounds on Thanksgiving

While Richie Incognito is quietly building a Pro Bowl resume in his return to the NFL, he’s also winning awards at Eric Wood’s Thanksgiving get-together.

In recent years, Bills center Eric Wood has instituted a weight gain contest during Thanksgiving. Before eating, attendees weigh-in to see what their starting weight is and after all the turkey and pumpkin pie is consumed, the contenders check back in.

This year, Incognito won the weight gain challenge by gaining over 10 pounds. His actual weight gain hasn’t been confirmed yet, we’re still awaiting final word from Adam Schefter, but Bills center Gabe Ikard came in second with 10 pounds, so Incognito gained more than 10 pounds.  

Unfortunately, 2014 winner Eric Wood only gained 8.2 pounds at this year’s event. It looks like he’ll have to try harder next year.

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