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Why You Should Start Kamar Aiken

This is likely going to end one of two ways. Either Kamar Aiken has a huge game and I look like a genius or he catches two balls for 20 yards and does nothing. There is not middle ground to this one.

I’ve gone out on a limb and ranked Kamar Aiken as a top 20 wide receiver for week five, 18 overall to be exact. So, why am I so high on the relatively unknown receiver?

First, obviously without Steve Smith Sr. playing, Aiken becomes the number one receiver. Does that really change anything considering Aiken was probably playing a majority of the snaps anyway? Not really, but without Smith Sr. gobbling up 11 targets per game, there is going to be plenty of more opportunities for Aiken.

On the season, Aiken has only seen 4.5 targets per game and even went without a target week three against the Bengals. However, he did catch five passes in week two and four, and he caught a touchdown against the Steelers.

So, he does have two decent performances under his belt, but otherwise he’s been a flop.

The silver-lining in projecting Aiken’s week five performance is that according to Football Outsiders, Aiken has been on the field for 76 percent of the Ravens offensive snaps this season. Also, in the game where he received zero targets, Aiken was on the field for 85 percent of the snaps. So, he’s been seeing the field, but just hasn’t been targeted much.

Thanks to Smith Sr. being out this week, like I said, his targets should at least sniff double-digits.

Another reason to like Aiken this week, the Browns are currently giving up the 11th most points to wide receivers this year and Joe Haden is currently dealing with a finger injury that caused him to miss week four. The Cleveland Browns secondary is nothing to be feared.

With all that said, Aiken is still a relatively unknown commodity, and many will probably deem him too risky to start as a top 20 option at receiver. However, I’m buying into him this week, and without Steve Smith Sr. playing and considering the secondary he is up against, Aiken should have his best game yet.

Let’s just hope this isn’t the week Marlon Brown breaks out.

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