The Most Disappointing Fantasy Performances of Week 11

Keith Allison via Flickr
Keith Allison via Flickr
Keith Allison via Flickr

1. Everyone in Jacksonville at Detroit

In a game that was supposed to be a shootout that turned out to be anything but one. Matthew Stafford had zero touchdowns and only 278 yards. He continued to show a lack of chemistry with Marvin Jones and only threw to him twice. Can we please go back to the first few weeks of the season when Jones was dominating fantasy leagues?

On top of his issues with Jones, Golden Tate was only targeted four times for 27 yards and lost a fumble. The only salvageable aspect of Detroit’s offense was a fluke rushing touchdown for Eric Ebron and Theo Riddick catching eight passes.

As for Jacksonville, it wasn’t much better, you know things are bad when Chris Ivory leads your team in catches. Blake Borltes was his usual interception-happy self, and Allen Robinson only caught three passes. Oh, and Allen Hurns did nothing.

2. Spencer Ware

Against a defense that is allowing the eighth-most fantasy points to running backs, one would have expected Ware to run wild. Well, there’s a reason he’s on this list, and it’s because he only totaled 85 yards in week 11. He did touch the ball 19 times but failed to turn any of his touches into a big play or score. 

3. Tyler Eifert

It’s hard not to expect big things from Eifert considering he is the number two passing option for Andy Dalton. Unfortunately, Eifert was a huge let down considering A.J. Green left the game early against Buffalo, and Eifert wasn’t gobbling up targets in Green’s absence.

Eifert only caught three of six passes for 37 yards and no touchdowns. I didn’t see much of this game but, considering the score, I don’t’ suspect Eifert saw too many red zone opportunities. 

4. Delanie Walker

This should have been a higher scoring game, but it was fairly tame for what many thought. Adding to it being a bad game for Walker, the Titans were down big early and were forced to throw the ball in an attempt to catch up.

Walker was unable to turn the Titans’ deficit into anything positive and only caught four passes for 36 yards.

5. Kenneth Dixon

Wasn’t Dixon supposed to get more touches this week? Well, it didn’t happen and he only touched the ball six times for 40 yards. He didn’t even have a single catch after snagging five in week 10.

To make matters worse, the Ravens were down for the entire second half against Dallas and it didn’t turn into a single catch for Dixon. This was supposed to be his breakout, but it turned out to be a bland performance overall.

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