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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Outfielders

1. Mike Trout

Trout is the clear best player in baseball and in fantasy. He’ll give you the full gamut of stats that simply put no one else can really give you. Despite his greatness keep in mind that he did struggle in the second half of 2014, so he’s not invincible.

2. Ryan Braun

Braun has had a rough past two years following his suspension and a nagging thumb injury. Some are probably down on Braun, but he was hitting above .320 for the first two months of 2014 until his thumb injury slowed him down. After undergoing treatment, his thumb injury is supposedly in the past, and he should return to his old form. Don’t be down on Braun just because of the mistakes he’s made in the past, he is the type of talent that could result in being the top player overall.

3. Andrew McCutchen

McCutchen is very similar to Mike Trout in that he offers a wide range of stats. There really aren’t any weakness in his game other than it would be nice if he would run more, but that probably isn’t in the Pirates plan.

4. Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton finished 2014 after getting hit in the face that resulted in a facial fracture. It’s still a question about how comfortable he is in the batter’s, but he offers unrivaled power that can’t be dismissed. As long as he has recovered psychologically from the injury he should be a top five outfielder.

5. Carlos Gomez

Gomez has come along way in the past eight years to turn into a perennial power threat and elite base stealer. He is one of the only players in baseball that could hit 30 homer runs and steal 40 bases.

6. Adam Jones

Jones is one of the safest top 15 picks in fantasy baseball this year. He always plays about 150 or more games, hits 25 plus home runs, and drives in 80 plus runs. Jones’ numbers aren’t anything to fawn over, but in a league where half the players seem to come with injury risk Jones provides a safety net.

7. Michael Brantley

Brantley came out of nowhere in 2014 to be one of the top hitters in baseball, and even got some MVP votes. It’s possible the 20 home runs could be a bit of a fluke, but it’s possible he has just begun to find his power stroke. Even if his home run total falls Brantley can still drive in runs, hit for a decent average, and get 20 plus stolen bases.

8. Yasiel Puig

Puig has sort of devolved into an annoying player to own. He’s super talented, but proved to be a nuisance in the clubhouse. As long as he can avoid any issues, and play a full season Puig has the ability to hit for a high average with a decent amount of home runs.

9. Joese Bautista

At 34 Bautista is probably getting close to starting to regress quite a bit. While 2014 was his best year in three years, and the first time in as long that he has hit over .259, it’s hard to imagine him maintaining a .280 average with 30 home runs again. While he offers elite power it is probably safest to just let someone else draft him.

10. George Springer

Springer is a high-risk talent on this list only because he only has one year of major league experience. Regardless, his power is legit, and can even steal a few bases when given the opportunity. According to FantasyPros, Springer’s ADP is at 14th outfielder overall which is great value when he could outperform a number of the top 10 players.

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