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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen

1. Anthony Rendon

Rendon put up elite numbers in his first full season for any hitter let alone a second basemen. Rendon finished 2014 with 21 home runs, 83 RBI, 111 runs, 17 stolen bases, and a .287 average. Simply put he is a complete player. Rendon offers a bit more bang for your buck than Cano, and if he surpasses his 2014 totals he could wind up a top 15 pick in 2016.

2. Robinson Cano

Cano is easily a top second basemen, and probably the safest of the bunch. Last year many owners got burned by expecting a higher home run output, but a decline should have been expected in a new ballpark. Cano is somewhat old at 32, but he should still hit for average, and drive in around 90 runs. The issue with Cano is his high price tag, and owners would be wise to pass on him.

3. Jose Altuve

Altuve is the epitome of safe at this position. You know you’re getting a decent average, stolen bases, runs, and a decent RBI total for a second basemen that doesn’t hit for power. Alutve should have another solid 2015, but expect the .341 average to take a dip.

4. Ian Kinsler

Kinsler is another safe bet at second base compared to Baez. Kinsler hit at the top of a pretty prolific lineup, and should be an easy bet to go over 100 runs. Although Kinsler’s average has waned the past few years he still offers decent home run and stolen base numbers.

5. Jason Kipnis

If you drafted Kipnis last year you probably want nothing to do with him. Though he did miss 33 games last year, Kipnis’ numbers would have been down regardless, even though it’s possible his injury affect him throughout the year. Healthy to start 2015, Kipnis should put up numbers equal to Kinsler, but at a cheaper price.

6. Jedd Gyorko

It gets a bit annoying going over players that should be better because they suffered an injury the year before, and Gyorko fits that description. Gyorko isn’t helped by hitting at Petco Park, but he is a power hitting second basemen that doesn’t offer stolen bases. He is also helped by the fact that the Padres completely retooled their offense, and their should be more opportunities for runs and RBI.

7. Brett Lawrie

It seems we have been waiting for years for Lawrie to put everything together, and it just hasn’t happening. However, Lawrie has never played more than 125, and if he plays a complete season a 20/20 season isn’t out of the question. There are safer bets you could draft, but I’d rather take a shot at a second basemen that could finally breakout.

8. Dee Gordon

There isn’t much to add about Gordon other than his elite steals, and a decent amount of runs. His .289 average in 2014 may be a bit high for him, but as long as you draft him you know you’re getting at least 50 steals.

9. Kolten Wong

Wong had a somewhat dramatic rookie season that saw him disappoint early in the season only to be called down to the minors. Eventually he got things going, but a DL stint still set him off track. Wong has never been a power hitter, and the 12 he hit in the majors were actually a career high. The power numbers may dip or stay the same, but his .249 average should improve considering he is a .305 career hitter in the minors.

10. Javier Baez

At this point in his career Baez is an all-or-nothing power hit. It’s home run or bust. It probably isn’t out of the question for Baez to hit below .230, but his power potential at second base is pretty much unrivaled. If he puts it all together, and that is a huge questions mark, Baez could be a 30/20 player.

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