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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop

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1. Troy Tulowitzki

Tulotwitzki is an elite hitter, but his injury history makes him nearly undraftable. He’ll usually start the season off at an unheralded pace then get hurt, and disappoint owners. Unless you can snag Tulo in the third or fourth round it is a worthy investment, but otherwise do yourself a favor and avoid.

2. Hanley Ramirez

See Troy Tulowitzki

3. Ian Desmond

Despite striking out a lot, 183 times in 2014, Desmond offers a lot of power for a shortstop. He’s gone 20/20 each of the past three season, and should have no problem doing it again. Unlike the top two shortstops, Desmond has played 150 or more games in four of the past five games, and is a much safer pick.

4. Jose Reyes

Reyes is another injury risk, but did manage to play 143 games in 2014. It’s safe to assume he will mis time again, but while you have him you’ll get a decent average and stolen bases. While Reyes doesn’t hit for power he is capable providing decent RBI totals too.

5. Starlin Castro

Castro has been a disappointing player the past five years because the expectations have been so high. Many people expected a .300 hitter with decent home runs totals, but maybe he isn’t an elite hitter after all. Regardless, owners know what they’re getting, and he has essentially had similar outputs in each of his first five years. Despite decent offensive numbers, Castro only stole 13 bases the past two years despite stealing 57 in his first three years. Hopefully he runs more this year.

6. Alexei Ramirez

Ramirez finally reached double-digit home runs after taking two years off, and finished with a 15/21 season. Owners drafting Ramirez will draft him assuming he will hit for power again, but even if he doesn’t he’ll still drive in runs. Despite hitting only 9 home runs in 2012 he still drove in 73 bases, so when people are on base he can get them in.

7. Johnny Peralta

With most shortstops you either getting stolen bases and runs or home runs and RBI, and with Peralta you’re getting the latter. Peralta is a decent hitter, but wont wow anyone with his average. For the most part the Cardinals offense has improved this offseason with the addition of Jason Heyward so he should continue to drive in runs.

8. Elvis Andrus

Andrus doesn’t do much except get runs and stolen bases. Thats fine, but sometimes only two home runs from a player can be a tough pill to swallow. Nevertheless, with a healthy Prince Fielder, Andrus should have more opportunities to be driven in.

9. Jean Segura

Segura had a lot of issues on and off the field in 2014. Despite playing the exact amount of games in 2014 and 2013, Segura’s numbers went down in virtually every category. Though he struggled, the glimpse of greatness that Segura showed in 2013 is enough to get owners excited for a potential return to glory.

10. Jimmy Rollins

Rollins is old at 36, and because of that he could be one of the better draft day values. After a down 2013, Rollins returned in 2014 with 17 home runs and 55 RBI. Due to his age Rollins is tough to project, but he proved in 2014 that he can still hit for power and steal bases.

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