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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Third Basemen

1. Anthony Rendon

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2. Nolan Arenado

Arenado is a young stud in the best hitting ballpark in baseball. Last year in only 111 Arenado hit 18 home runs to go along with 61 RBI. It isn’t out of the question to think he could have hit 30 homers if he played a full season.

3. Adrian Beltre

Beltre is another aging hitter, but has the added benefit of playing in Texas. Beltre has been as consistent as they come the past five years, but he missed at least 28 home runs for the first time in five years. 2015 should be another big year for Beltre especially considering the Rangers should be getting a healthy Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo back.

4. Evan Longoria

Longoria has played at least 160 games the past two seasons which is huge for him considering his injury history. Though Longoria has failed to live up to the hype he still produces solid home run totals, and he is one of the better run producers. If he can stay healthy yet again Longoria should sniff 30 home runs and 100 RBI.

5. Kyle Seager

Kyle Seager is one of the safer bets at third considering how consistent he has been since entering the league. In the past three years he has played at least 155 games, hit at least 20 home runs, and drove in at least 69 RBI. Seager should have no problem putting up the same numbers he has the past three years.

6. Josh Donaldson

Seager and Donaldson are essentially the same player with the latter offering a bit more power. Additionally like Seager, Donaldson has played at least 158 games the past two years, which should make owners all the more comfortable drafting him. Donaldson did hit .301 in 2013, but he probably is going to stick around .270 with the potential for more home runs after moving to Toronto.

7. Todd Frazier

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8. Chris Davis

Davis proved his 2013 season was an anomaly after hitting only .196 with 26 home runs. The average was horrendous, but he probably isn’t that bad of a hitter. Davis should hit around 30 home runs and hit closer to .250 which is his career average.

9. Manny Machado

Machado is somehow still only 22 years old, and only played 82 games in 2014. In those games Machado hit 12 home runs to go with 32 RBI. The RBI total is disappointing, but over a full season he probably would have hit 25 home runs. Going back to 2013, Machado hit 51 doubles, and it’s possible that as he’s matured some of those doubles will turn to home runs.

10. Matt Carpenter

Carpenter is a different type of third basemen in that his stats resemble what you would want out of a top second basemen. Though his averaged dipped form .318 to .272 he still offered 99 runs and 59 RBI. Owners probably want more home runs than eight out of a third basemen, but if Carpenter can get his average back up owners can expect him to surpass 100 runs, and drive in more runs.

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