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Undervalued Fantasy Baseball Options

Wilmer Flores

People and the Mets are coming down on Flores because it seems no one wants him to play shortstop. Well, in fantasy who really cares whether or not Flores is a fit at the position.

Shortstop is a terribly weak position, and taking any of the top five or so players at the position would be considered a horrible reach. Troy Tulowitzki, Ian Desmond, Hanley Ramirez, and others at the top just aren’t worth the price tag.

Additionally, while the position is too risky at the top, as you go down the list of shortstops most of them mold into solid yet boring options that really only offer steals and runs

However, Wilmer Flores is one of the only sleeper options that can provide elite power numbers at the position. Flores has 77 home runs in his entire career, and launched six in 78 games in 2014.

In addition, through eight spring training games Flores is hitting .482 with a home run, five RBI, and only one strikeout. He’s off to a good start.

J.D. Martinez

Like Flores, Martinez is also raking in spring training with a .385 average, three homers, and six RBI.

Martinez came out of nowhere with the Tigers after a few years as a somewhat heralded prospect with the Astros. Twenty-three home runs later and a .315 average Martinez became one of the great free agent adds of 2014.

The Tigers boast a solid lineup with Ian Kinsler, Yoenis Cespedes, and a few other hitters that will create solid RBI and runs opportunities for Martinez.

If Martinez keeps up his hot spring training his ADP could skyrocket, but he is currently being drafted as the 30th outfielder. If Martinez can keep up the average to go with 25 plus home runs he should greatly outperform his ADP.

Brett Lawrie

I’ve grown a lot of grey hairs waiting for Lawrie to breakout, but at 25 years-old it may finally be time.

Four years into his career Lawrie has basically always been injured which has held back his progression, and it would be unwise to assume he won’t get hurt again.

Injuries aside, Lawrie presents great value because of the home run potential he offers with his second basemen eligibility.

Lawrie has only played 345 games in three years, but has hit 43 career home runs which is a glimpse of what he could do over a full season.

If Lawrie didn’t have second base eligibility he would he such a bargain, but if all goes well he could launch 25 to 30 home runs.



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