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Warriors vs. Pelicans NBA Playoffs Prediction

Keith Allison via Flickr
Keith Allison via Flickr

GS Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans

I want the Pelicans to win this one. The Warriors have seemingly already been crowned by many, and it would be so sweet to seem them dethroned. It would be very reminiscent of the 2007 one-seed Mavericks losing to the eight-seeded Warriors.

Despite my wishes, it won’t likely happen. However, if it were to happen the most important player in this series for the Pelicans is Tyreke Evans.

Evans gets a lot of flak for being a somewhat poor shooter, and for being too ball dominant, but he’s a nightly 15/5/5 guy. He’s also a great ballhandler, and nearly unstoppable going to the basket, but he unfortunately only makes 69 percent of his free throws.

We all know Anthony Davis is going to dominate, but Evans’ is going be key on offense, but also very much so defensively.

It remains to be seen who will be guarding who, but Evans will likely draw Klay Thompson, and if he can somewhat shutdown half of the splash bros. it would go a long way in helping the Pelicans.

In addition to Evans, if the Pelicans want to win their going to have to shoot with Curry and Thompson. That means big performances from Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Jrue Holiday, and even Quincy Pondexter.

As for the Warriors are concerned, we all know what the constant is for them. Great shooting by Steph Curry and Klay Thompson Those two are going to carry this team, but for this series their defense is going to have to step up.

Most notably, who is going to stop Anthony Davis. At 6’11, Davis is one of the most athletic big man in the NBA, but the Warriors don’t really have anyone that can physically matchup with him.

Draymond Green is a defensive player of the year candidate, and he will mostly definitely be an issue for Davis, but Green is also only 6’7.

On the other hand, Bogut can physically matchup with Davis, but in no way can he hang with him athletically. Usually teams try to keep big men from getting the ball too close to the basket, but for Bogut it may actually be better if Davis got the ball closer to the basket. That way Bogut won’t be forced with having to guard him, he can just let Davis try to back him down, and whoever wins wins.

Prediction: The Pelicans will give the Warriors are little run for the money, but ultimate the Warriors win 4-2.

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