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Bigfoot Hunting Week 7: Consider Dexter McCluster

Bigfoot Hunting is our way of scavenging the waiver wire for meaningful sleepers that can help you win your matchup. These aren’t guys that are being started in most leagues or even owned. These are deep dives, that like hunting for Bigfoot, you may never find him but if you do you’ll be rich. The intention of ‘Bigfoot Hunting’ isn’t to keep reminding you to add Tyrod Taylor or Karlos Williams for the thousandth time, you know that. The purpose is to help you look a little deeper at your waiver wire for other opportunities to help your team.

Zach Mettenberger|Tennessee Titans

If there was any week for Mettenberger to start and have success, it’s this week against a very bad Atlanta defense.

On the season, the Falcons are allowing opposing quarterbacks to pass for 291 yards per game and complete 67 percent of their passes. Although, they have only allowed seven passing touchdowns on the year, it’s clear this defense can exploited through the air.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Titans offense operates differntly without Mariota, but considering the matchup, the Titans will be throwing the ball a lot. Titans receivers such as Kendall Wright have complaining about their role in the offense and Mettenberger could actually improve the outlook of the Titans receivers.

Last year, in seven games, Mettenberger completed 59.8 percent of his passes for 1,412 yards, eight touchdowns and nine interceptions. Obviously, the interceptions are an issue, but in week seven, there will be a lot of yards, and probably a touchdown or two.

If Mariota does wind up playing, everything I just said can equally be applied to EJ Manuel and Landry Jones.

Dexter McCluster|Tennessee Titans

For the most part, Titans players haven’t been exactly fantasy friendly this year, but in week seven, they have two solid sleepers.

With Mettenbeger at the helm, one could expect him to be throwing to his running back quite a bit. And even though the Titans have been a disaster at running back in 2015, McCluster could be a solid sleeper in deep PPR leagues.

McCluster has been the Titans best running back, averaging 5.2 yard per carry and leading all backs with nine catches on 11 targets.

If the Titans continue to struggle running the ball, McCluster could see quite a bit more snaps, especially in a game where they figure to be down early. In standard and normal-sized leagues, McCluster isn’t an option, but he could be rewarding in PPR leagues.

Chris Conley|Kansas City Chiefs

I have brought up Chris Conley three weeks in a row, and I’m getting a little sick of it, but he’s an interesting sleeper this week.

If Jeremy Maclin doesn’t play in week seven, both Conley and Albert Wilson could have favorable fantasy games against the Steelers.

On the season, Conley has roped in seven catches on 18 targets for only 91 yards. So, he really hasn’t done much, but if Maclin is out, there are nine targets per game on the table up for grabs.

Conley is probably more likely to make a big play, and Wilson is a safer option, but if you’re desperate for a receiver, both could have big roles in week seven.


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