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What can we Expect from Arian Foster in Miami?

Arian Foster is one of the most special players in the NFL for me, at least in regards to fantasy football. The second year that I did fantasy was in 2010, the year that Arian Foster burst onto the scene.

During that 2010 fantasy draft, I snagged Arian Foster in like the 12th round of our draft. That year we drafted a bit earlier than normal in August, and the Texans were playing a preseason game. No joke, about 15 minutes after I picked Arian Foster, Ben Tate went down with his ACL injury.

The rest is history, but I came away with a huge steal, and we all know what Arian Foster went on to do in the following years.

Now, after another injury-plagued season, Arian Foster has found his way onto the Miami Dolphins.

So, is Arian Foster a draftable commodity in 2016?

Well, if the Miami Herald report about Foster being the favorite to start is true, then Foster is probably going to go in the first eight rounds of your draft.

As we know, Foster missed the first three games of 2015, and upon his return was pretty bad for the most part. He only averaged 2.6 yards per carry on 63 attempts. Pretty bad, but certainly excelled in the passing game, catching 22 passes for 227 yards.

Foster is not the same running back he was five years ago, he’s going to be a 30-year old coming off an ACL tear, but could this be his last hurrah?

It’s clear the Dolphins aren’t content with Jay Ajayi, despite a somewhat decent showing last year, so Arian Foster is probably going to lead a 60-40 timeshare at worst.

Immediately when Foster signed, the first thing we really heard him say was that he expects to be heavily utilized in the passing game.

As I stated before, Foster struggled running the ball and did pretty much all of his damage as a receiver.

Adam Gase was only an offensive coordinator for three years before he¬†became a head coach, so there really isn’t much to suggest how much he utilized running backs in the passing game, but it’s clearly something Foster excels at.

Long story short, Arian Foster has found his way into another starting running back job, and this will likely be his last shot. He may not be as slick as he used to be or have the same cutting ability, but he’s going to get touches.

He’ll likely be more valuable in PPR leagues, but Arian Foster is a big name which will likely cause his draft stock to soar.

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